Nedbank Financial Planning

Nedbank Financial Planning converts data into Wealth Leads

​Multiple web services places requests onto a Microsoft Message Queue. Every queue has a listener, that grabs a message and processes it accordingly.

Company Profile

Nedbank Financial Planning (NFP), one of nine business units within the Nedbank Wealth Cluster, sells financial advice to clients.  This entails a distinct variety of products, derived from numerous product providers.  These product providers include NedGroup Investments, Nedgroup Life, Old Mutual, Liberty and select insurance companies.    

Leads are an integral part of Nedbank Wealth’s business and value proposition for Financial Planners.  Planners receive leads from a multitude of business unit, including Retail and Business Banking within Nedbank. These Leads have been the epicentre of Nedbank’s group project, namely Region and Area Collaboration. 

Business Situation
Currently, three primary lead systems exist within Nedbank, two of which include a CMS retail system and Nedbank Private Wealth (NPW).  Within Business Banking, leads generate from a BI Portal and Leads Tracker within NFP. Nedbank Private Wealth uses a lead system that exists within the Retail CMS system.

The integration between CMS and NPW did not accommodate feedback on statues to and from NPW. Additionally, reporting from NPW did not correspond with the figures provided by CMS, which led to untrusted data. This posed a significant challenge, especially from a users’ perspective, where users were forced to duplicate manual tasks and capturing pertinent data on both the CRM and NPW systems.   Seamless leads automation already existed between CMS, the BI portal and Leads Tracker.  A functionality for exchanging leads from NFP to CMS and BI Portal also existed, hence, NPW proposed that a similar solution be implemented for their bankers. 
Technical Situation

NPW ran their own CRM system called CIA, which was developed and is maintained by NPW, hosted within Nedbank Group Technology (GT).  All integration, including leads exchange from NFP is completed via a system called “The Bus” which incorporates Leads Tracker. NFP’s IT infrastructure / environment is hosted at Internet Solution outside Nedbank, which is exposed to the internet and does not fall under Nedbank Group Technology.

One hurdle in this project was that NFP couldn't call any services inside the GT, which included CIA, CMS and BI Portal. GT does not allow connections being made from outside the network, for cyber security reasons. Therefore, all information going to and from 'The Bus' had to be on post based.

The Bus runs multiple web services that places requests onto a Microsoft Message Queue. Every queue has a listener, which grabs a message and processes it accordingly. 

When this project started, a definition was established on what defines a lead. This definition included: 

  • Source
  • Destination
  • Assigned to a specific person
  • Unique Identifier (Nedbank’s unique or ID Number)
  • Name & Surname
  • At least one contact number 

This criteria was used to identify duplicates easily and effectively. A lead could be disqualified with missing information. The Bus accepts leads from CMS and BI Portal which are destined for NFP or NPW. They are stored, validated and moved into the correct database ready for collection.  Leads are also captured within NPW and NFP which is handled in the same way. They are sent to the Bus which validates and stores them. Leads statuses are also passed from destination to source to indicate whether a sale was made.  Due to the definition that stated that a lead has to go to a specific person, employee information and location (employee structures) is also passed from all destinations to all sources. This also flows through The Bus and Leads Tracker.


Initiated by the Area and Region Collaboration Forum, the project went live 14 October 2014, a month and a half before schedule. Since then, there has been a significant increase in leads flowing from NPW to NPW as they sell multiple products. Because these leads are recorded in Leads Tracker, productivity can be measured and the quality of the leads generated can be tracked too. It allows an easier way in capturing leads from a users’ own system without the time consuming manual task of having to capture and logging into another system each time.  All leads reporting from Nedbank Wealth are completed from Leads Tracker, one data source instead of a myriad of numerous Excel spread sheets. All the data in the reports can be traced and double checked.  

One of the most significant benefits to Nedbank, is that it improved relationships between individuals and cross selling opportunities within Nedbank. When a client asks for a product that is sold by a different business unit, the client details can be captured and within an hour the client details will be in the relevant business unit.  

This has paved the way for other business units within Nedbank Wealth, to adopt the same leads “philosophy” as NFP and NPW. Soon all wealth leads will be received from one system and a standard way of measuring and reporting on leads will be adopted across Wealth.

Products & Services Used

​All servers at NFP are virtual machines and hosted at Internet Solution. All of them run Microsoft Server 2012. The webserver receiving all the requests have Microsoft Message Queue installed and all the web services are done WCF. All listeners and business logic are built in Visual Studio (C#).  The database server runs Microsoft SQL Server 2012.ztit