Stratum Benefits Automates Manual Financial Processes and Boosts Client Experience

New companies are often placed in the position to achieve more with less human resources.

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Executive Summary

Stratum Benefits, a first-in-class South African based company  is a leading medical shortfall specialist.  It alleviates the financial burden of unpredictable, unplanned medical costs that medical aid companies, even under the most comprehensive options, don't cover. 
As a client, this relieves a significant financial fearfulness, especially at critical medical periods, where clients are then able to focus on obtaining the best medical treatment, without the financial burden. Stratum Benefits provides services and solutions directly to customers and brokers and believes that every South African deserves access to the very best essential and affordable primary healthcare. With this in mind, the company offers a short term insurance policy that provides valuable and affordable day-to-day as well as emergency and accidental medical cover.

Defining the Roadmap

Faced with monthly financial loss due to an unstable, volatile environment, ever increasing competition, coupled with a strong desire to improve its all encompassing service delivery to clients, Stratum Benefits objectives were clearly defined. The company was also faced with the ongoing challenge of establishing internal governance and processes, to ensure it consistently adheres to good governance now, as well as in the future. 

The Way Forward

Similar to that of other SME businesses, Stratum Benefits don't have a large team of highly skilled ICT resources. The only solution was to find a capable software and development partner that would ensure Stratum Benefits not only achieves its current objectives but also ensures long term sustainability and scope requirements for future growth. 

"...go the extra mile to fully understand our environment as well as our business, and future desired state..."

Methods to Enhance Processes

The decision to enhance internal business processes might seem an easy conclusion to reach, however there were many underlying challenges to consider.  One of the biggest challenges lay within identifying which processes were most critical, could be optimised and listed in order of importance. Stratum Benefits partnered with Britehouse Digital Managed Application Services, to understand, identify, streamline and automate core business processes.   Britehouse Digital spent a month at Stratum Benefits, to fully understand the business and IT environment. Through this approach, only the best and most relevant workable solution was delivered, perfectly tailored to Stratum Benefits current and potential needs.

Robust Project Methodology and Implementation Plan

Clearly defined processes were established to significantly enhance both the internal work load, as well as the overall way-of-work. A robust project management methodology that clearly defined the immediate and critical project requirements  was implemented to resolve the most pressing, mission critical area's, as well as the company's future objectives.


A critical component of the immediate service requirements was to stabilise the volatile software and negate the reoccurring financial loss.  Code was rapidly rectified and enhanced, select manual tasks were automated and priority tasks were resolved. An Application Managed Services agreement was implemented to deliver further enhancements and customisations to ensure Stratum Benefits current and future objectives were delivered and achieved efficiently. This ensures that Stratum Benefits constantly remains relevant in the digital era.

Business Benefits

Stratum Benefits is now able to function in a more cost efficient way and able to deliver a faster response to its clients and brokers, especially when Stratum Benefits introduce new products. The linked financial segment of the business is now updated accurately, where debit order batches run from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this resolves critical daily and monthly financial processes.


Microsoft .NET framework
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


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