Automate Evolve

Automate evolve looks at the customer lifecycle and delivers key process modules to the sustainability and overall efficiency of every profitable dealership.

​Automate Evolve is a holistic, single-system platform driving multiple DMS solutions on demand. Automate Evolve looks at the customer lifecycle and delivers key process modules to the sustainability and overall efficiency of every profitable dealership.

Britehouse Automotive has a long history of being extremely strong in the accounting side which is continued in the Automate Evolve Dealer Management System.

Many of the fundamentals that have brought the business so far in the last 30 plus years have been continued in the new DMS. It is essential that the new system picks up where Automate V3X (Windows GUI) left off and ensure enhancement of the dealerships practices without having to fundamentally alter them (unless of course change means significant improvement).

The development teams use feedback from our customers and market best practice to ensure optimum efficiency, effectiveness and profitability across all modules.

Britehouse Automotive has a full software lifecycle team that includes:

  • Business analysis,
  • Software development,
  • Quality Assurance testing,
  • Customer Support; and
  • Technical teams (split into Data Centre and technical).

This gives us a major advantage over other DMS providers in South Africa as we are able to adapt to local conditions and ensure flexibility for our customers changing needs.

Given the competitive nature of the South African Automotive industry and in order to stay ahead of the pack, Motor Retail Dealerships must constantly evaluate the tools at their disposal to generate business, improve efficiencies and cut costs. A Dealerships choice of Dealer Management System (DMS) can literally make the business. Once the DMS is installed it has to be utilized to its maximum to release its full potential.

Single System Platform

Britehouse Automate Evolve is a Dealer Management System that drives customer relationship management (CRM), departmental efficiencies and makes cost management transparent – all within one single system. To date Dealers have had to use various different systems plugged into their DMS to achieve the necessary outputs for CRM, Workshop and stock management, with Automate Evolve this is no longer the case. In order to properly manage all these processes, the DMS must look at the business in terms of the Customer lifecycle – Prospect generation, Sales support for Vehicles, Parts and Service and Customer retention. The Automate Evolve system includes modules for all key processes that a profitable dealership requires.

Vehicle Sales Management

Automate Evolve manages profitability for you through a unique tool called the Vehicle Deal Builder. This tool incorporates all the relevant information around the deal on a single screen that requires authorization to be processed. One of the key factors in Dealership profitability is the management of margins on sales of vehicles and all the hidden costs that go with it.

Once the deal factors are in place a Manager can review all costs relating to the preparation of the vehicle and decide if the required profits are in place. If necessary, changes can be made and the deal resubmitted.

Overall, improvements have been made to ensure minimum clicks to simplify and improve the process of selling a vehicle.

Parts Management

Another key element of Dealership profitability is the management of parts inventories. Automate Evolve will also enable the assurance that there is always stock of the items needed for pending servicing of vehicles.

Parts are only invoiced once the final customer invoice is done – this ensures that these items move quickly to where the need to be and are accounted for when the work is done.

The system will dynamically determine the order status and lines and will effectively track from order through to binned status.

Service Management

Improvements in the Service Module include Customer activity tracking and task allocation. Multiple jobs and job types (Warranty, Non Warranty, Outsource) can be created from a repair order in an easy to manage process. Comments from the Customer, Service advisor and Technician are tracked in the system (with spellchecker).

The overall process has been improved to create new efficiencies. Workshop capacity can be determined in advance to assist with service bookings.

General Ledger

Automate Evolve retains its tight grip on accounting practices. Improvements in the GL mean that several admin intensive processes have been dramatically streamlined. More information is displayed on each screen and the user is able to drill down to the detail. Reconciliations are quick and easy and there are several key industry integrations that have been given the go ahead.

Expenses can be distributed automatically once the initial set up is complete. The bank reconciliation process has been streamlined and improved considerably.


Information availability can mean the difference between making decisions based on accurate and live factors as opposed to guesswork that can bring unwanted consequences.

The Automate Evolve management module is designed to provide accurate and key information at a glance. For example, a customer's full sales history can be viewed across all modules and drilled into to find any relevant information needed.

Other elements include stock aging budgeting information and year on year comparisons at the Dealer Principles fingertips.


Each functional area has a landing page or dashboard on log in that displays key information for their function. This information is useful to users to be able to prioritize and manage important tasks

Other key Automate Evolve advantages:

  • Audit tracking. All actions by users on the system are recorded for review at any point.
  • The system has very easy to use search functionality on all screens which increases productivity and accuracy.
  • User profile manag​ement. Each user will only see their required functional access, thereby reducing risk and improving efficiency.
  • System look and feel. The screens are simple and easy to use. They can be resized and multiple screens opened to enhance productivity. The system tracks open actions for convenience.
  • All existing Automate V3X integrations have been written into Automate Evolve to ensure easy integration – although some of the add-on systems will not be necessary after implementation.
  • A broad range of information can be accessed quickly and easily and exported into Excel, Pre-written Excel templates, PDF or even HTML.
  • Day ends are quick and easy and will enable longer uptime.
  • Automate Evolve remains a real time system meaning that all information displayed is up to date.
Automate Evolve