Automate V3x

Britehouse automotive is the leading developer of computerised management systems for dealers in the automotive industry. the company is a subsidiary of britehouse, itself a member of the dimension data group.

​ Britehouse Automotive is the leading developer of computerised management systems for dealers in the automotive industry. The company is a subsidiary of Britehouse, itself a member of the Dimension Data Group.

We provide a complete Dealer Management System which supports the efficient and profitable operation of motor vehicle dealerships. The fully integrated, modular and flexible Britehouse Automotive solution covers all aspects of dealership management, including Marketing, Customer Retention Management (CRM), Vehicle Sales, Parts Inventory Management, Service Management and Financial Management.

Automate facilitates the relationship between dealers and manufacturers, providing a complete systems interface for vehicles, parts, stock orders, warranty submissions, financial returns and more.

"The Britehouse Automotive philosophy is simple. We provide solutions and services that enable your dealership to operate more effectively, more efficiently and at greater profit."

First released in 1984, Automate has enjoyed continual advancement through focused research and development to meet the evolving needs of our clients. With Microsoft Windows™ emerging as the most popular platform in business today, Britehouse Automotive for Windows was developed in 1996 and enables users to enjoy the ease of use and flexibility synonymous with the operating system. Britehouse Automotive integrates seamlessly with other applications, notably Microsoft Office™. The solution provides financial and other controls to support a disciplined approach in the efficient operation of a modern motor dealership.

Automate is approved for use by motor manufacturers and Importers in South Africa including:

Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, Ford, Mazda, SsangYong, General Motors, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Land Rover, Hyundai, Iveco, Volkswagen, Audi, Kia, Renault, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Honda, Jaguar, Peugeot, Subaru, FAW Trucks, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, MG Rover, Volvo Trucks and International Trucks.

With a user base of over 1 200 dealerships, ranging from small to large multi-site dealer groups, Britehouse Automotive is a represented in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East. Britehouse Automotive is also successfully used in other industry-related operations including motor cycle sales and service, tractor sales and service, aftermarket spare part operations, vehicle and engine reconditioning centres, fork-lift equipment sales and service and auto body repair shops.

Single design for all

Automate is suitable for dealerships of any size. It is flexible and secure and can scale from the smallest of operations to the largest, most complex environments. The solution delivers online, real time transaction processing in a multi-company, multi franchise architecture.

It includes an executive management system and introduces daily operating controls which reflect the status of the business at any time. Cloud-ready, the solution is available on an Application Service Provider model and delivers complete e-commerce capabilities.

Service Offerings

Automate V3X for Windows provides:

  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Vehicle Inventory and Sales
  • Parts Inventory and Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing and Prospecting
  • Forecourt Control
  • Reporting
  • Fixed Asset Register

Optional Add-on functional enhancements include:

  • SMS – for Marketing and adhoc Service and Parts SMS's
  • VIP Payroll Integration
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • PDF E-mailing of Debtors Statements
  • Automate ADAPT

Prospect Management

Automate V3X integrates the Dealer Management System (DMS) with a Prospecting System to maximise marketing initiatives.

Features of the Automate ADAPT Lead and Prospect Management include:

  • Measurement of customer retention and the prospecting performance of the sales force.
  • The creation of effective marketing strategies – actioned at the touch of a button.
  • Reports and selective letters are easily generated.

General Ledger

All modules update the General Ledger on a real-time basis. Automate’s General Ledger offers multiple period and multiple year accounting and caters for multiple branch and group consolidations. Daily System Balancing Routines, audit trails and all Franchise Financial Reports are produced on demand and in the day-end and month-end procedures.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable System is updated by the invoicing and receipting routines of other modules. It also has Sundry Invoicing and Receipting facilities. Powerful credit control facilities are standard.

Accounts Payable

Automate’s Accounts Payable module includes purchase orders, online payment allocation, printed cheques, remittance advice and Accounts Payable age analysis. The Accounts Payable module is updated by the purchasing and payment routines of other modules.


The Automate Executive Information Suite (EIS) module provides the management team with powerful, drill-down capability to source documents at transaction level by department. The EIS provides full graphical representations of departmental, company and group performance.


The Automate Vehicles module enables tight control over new and used vehicles from ordering and receipting of stock and sales invoicing through to customer follow-up. Used vehicle reconditioning costs are controlled by the use of system-generated orders.

Sales commission and vehicle profitability reports are produced on demand. Comprehensive enquiry facilities enable enquiries into the full history of a vehicle and the ability to locate stock across branches.

Parts Inventory

The powerful Automate Parts Inventory Management module brings control to one of the biggest cost centres in the business: the Parts Department. The Parts Department benefits from dramatically reduced obsolete and overall stock levels, without affecting first pick availability for customers. Increased control and optimised stock levels means an improved cash flow. An on-line inventory summary is available at any time to identify total inventory value and quantify excess and obsolete stock.


The Automate Service module makes the management of labour, service parts, sundries and sublet work simple and effective. It incorporates job scheduling, printing of repair orders, job costing and invoicing. Technician hours are monitored, providing insight into efficiency and productivity. Full control is maintained over all work-in-progress (WIP) and warranty claims. Customer quotations for repairs and/or service work, menu pricing and advance booking are standard features.

Service History

A comprehensive service history module records details of all costs for service and repair to vehicles in the workshop.


Automate’s marketing system delivers critical value by monitoring and measuring customer retention in a competitive environment. It provides timely, accurate information on prospective and current customers for the implementation of effective marketing strategies. Letters and reports can be generated based on specific customer history. Sales activity, hit-rate reports and other management reports are produced on demand.

Forecourt Control

The Automate Forecourt Control System gives management full control of the driveway with comprehensive reporting per shift on tank, pumps, driveway stock, cash reconciliation and debtor's account postings. The system automatically updates appropriate General Ledger accounts with each shift processed.


Available on an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, the Automate DMS takes your dealership into the e-business world. An ASP-model provides all the features of Britehouse Automotive on a Data Centre basis. With real-time information transfer, an integrated environment can be created between dealer and manufacturer systems, reducing duplication and radically improving efficiencies and staff productivity.

This environment also allows for the provision of value added services at dealer level in which content providers can supply industry specific content that assists in dealership management.


Automate provides two powerful, easy-to-use report generators:

  • Financial Report Generator – this enables generation of financial reports such as customised trading accounts, income statements, balance sheets, spreadsheet dumps and daily operating controls.
  • System Report Writer – this comprehensive utility allows the user to write reports from any data file on the database and display them as an on-screen query or print as a standard report.

Automate allows all day-end and month-end reports to be saved online for immediate access. With drill down capability, interactively access specific fields within any report, while archived reports can be printed at any time.

Automate: The only choice for an optimised dealership

Automate delivers a complete, purpose-designed Dealer Management System, fully supported and backed by our people and their extensive experience. We cover all the bases to help you operate a highly efficient, customer-oriented vehicle dealership. Where profitability and performance are the criteria, Britehouse Automotive is the only choice.

Automate V3x