Marketing Solutions

As a 100% google certified company and member of the iab, our tailor made marketing solutions optimise search engine results and increase website traffic by easily adapting to change.

​As a 100% Google certified company and member of the IAB, our tailor made marketing solutions optimise search engine results and increase website traffic by easily adapting to change. By providing reporting that's both accurate, transparent, and focuses on your cost per conversion, we make ambiguous ROI's a thing of the past.

Google Partner 

As Google AdWords advertisers we can produce campaigns that specifically target audiences more effectively than traditional advertising efforts. Online campaigns give advertisers new abilities to reach:

  • Speakers of specific languages
  • Niche markets with specific interests
  • Broad audiences with a single message
  • Geographic targets.

The result is advertising that is targeted towards an audience that's already interested in the product offering.

We also provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so that you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximising your budget.

Media marketing

Marketing through the largest online sites in South Africa provides companies with a unique opportunity to market their products and services in a targeted and measured way. Media bookings are negotiated on a weekly basis to ensure that our clients get the best deals possible and we therefore try and steer away from pre-booking media for longer than a month.

Some of our media partners include:


​Call centre services

The frequency with which technological advances and innovations are taking place within the call centre industry continues to age capital expenditure at an alarming rate. As a result many companies no longer invest in these technologies themselves and our call centre facility, powered by world-class technology, provides a variety of services in this regard:

Advertisement Response Handling (ARC)

The ARC was created to help companies bridge the gap between their customers’ digital and real-world experiences. It is a well-researched fact that both the timing and content of reactions to online enquiries impacts greatly on the eventual success of the interaction. The ARC provides an outsourced facility where the above can be achieved through additional call centre capacity and detailed process initiation and handling.

Lead management

In the absence of a lead management system, you can have us follow up during the stages of the lead process, thereby ensuring adherence to the sales process by sales executives. We will also identify any deviations from the process in time for you to react before the sales opportunity is lost.

Lost Customer Indexing (LCI)

The LCI process is aimed at gaining insights from companies’ heavy investment in surveys of customers who have recently purchased products and from those who expressed interest in your products but did not complete the purchase. This gives you data that is valuable from both a consumer behaviour and competitor perspective.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We follow an integrated approach in which customers are surveyed in a post-transaction phase and their concerns are identified and managed in accordance with specified processes. Again, this process provides trends and early warning signals.

Automated marketing

In the world of the ever changing consumer it has become increasingly expensive and time consuming to make sure your message reaches the right people at the right time. Our marketing automation platform allows your business to effectively communicate with your customers and prospects by sending relevant information based on user behaviour. Lifetime nurturing of existing customers increases sales per customer at a reduced advertising investment over time.

Direct marketing

SMS marketing is an easy and quick way to interact with customers. Our SMS tool allows you to create engaging mobile messages and send them to your customers in minutes. SMS messages are convenient and personal. You can merge in your customers’ names, company names or other details to help personalise the messages. We even provide short codes to allow your customers to get engaged quickly and easily.