Software Development

At eliance, we actively manage every stage of a project, implementing best practices and innovative design to ensure that our customers have the best possible software solutions.

​ The process and underlying principles of software development go beyond the conventional concept of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining computer code. To be truly effective, in terms of serving a business need, software development must include – in a planned and structured process - every activity from conception of an idea through to the final manifestation of the product.

This is why, at Eliance, we actively manage every stage of a project, implementing best practices and innovative design to ensure that our customers have the best possible software solutions that include desktop applications, web sites and web applications, and mobile apps.

Our largest software suite is used in every single Toyota dealership in South Africa and in neighbouring countries like Namibia and Botswana.

Other large corporates in our portfolio include McCarthy Ltd. to whom Eliance supplies various software solutions including the well established Call-a-Car sales system, Mercedes Benz, Daimler Chrysler, and Sandown Motors.

Ours is the only system in the country to be integrated with OEM, dealer management, and financial institution systems.

Our process is founded on having the right people and the right processes in place. Of course we use best practice and accepted software development processes to manage the software development lifecycle optimally. And we get the people who can do the job best involved at the appropriate time.

We inform these fundamentals of software development with other input.

Market research

The creation of relevant software and web solutions requires an understanding of the market, its challenges, and the customer’s competitors. For this reason, the Eliance team has spent thousands of hours exploring, learning about, and becoming expert in the motor industry.

Business analysis

Relevant software and web solutions have also to be built on a understanding of the customer’s requirements. Through thorough investigation and requirements gathering sessions that enable us to deinfe your needs, we are able to recommend solutions that will deliver value to stakeholders. Depending on the project, this phase normally delivers a wireframe or prototype of the proposed solution. This helps to map the user’s journey and identify whether the business needs are being met.

Specification and system architecture

We don’t skimp on the planning phase, either. We define the architecture on which the software will be built, the tools that will be used, and the technology that will drive the solution. We map out the interface design, database design, and functional modules, focusing very strongly on user interface options. We understand that the way your software looks greatly affects how your users experience it. The outcome of this phase is a functional specification that will help you understand the precise scope of the solution that is being proposed.


We design code but we don’t speak it. We dicuss our recommended solution in terms that make sense to your business because, naturally, you just want something that works. So, we don't burden you with unnecessary detail or complexities. We simply deliver to your specifications, adhering to best practices and using best of breed technology along the way.

In terms of websites, we believe that a badly designed one is an extremely expensive way to waste a massive SEO and digital marketing budget aimed at driving consumers to your virtual storefront. For that reason, we ensure that your place of business is nothing short of impeccable.

We focus on creating web solutions that support identity (personal and corporate), business messages, and customer relations and communication as well as products, services, and sales. Our conversion focused approach ensures that your traditional website traffic turns into measureable online leads.

Quality assurance

Our objective is to ensure that your software is solid, robust, and bug free and that your solutions deliver results, work as per specification, and is fast and secure. We do that by doing our best to break your application before anyone else can!

Deployment and maintenance

Once you are happy with the solution we have built for you, we deploy it to the live environment quickly and without incident, on time and in budget. Should you wish it, we can monitor, maintain, and optimise it continuously to ensure it remains current and relevant.

The best technology

Software and systems are only as good as the technology they are built on - and the technology partners you choose to use.

At Eliance, we use only enterprise level software and platforms to power our products.

We use database systems that are stable, widely supported by the community, and considered to be industry standard, so you can be sure of reliable data transactions, effective and accurate reports, and a stable and robust software platform to store and process your data.

When it comes to development environments, we use a variety of tools to help us achieve our goals, enabling us to be flexible and adapt to the user environment along with the different requirements of each required software solution.

We constantly investigate new and exciting technology that becomes available and track industry trends to identify new systems that can add value to our customers and their software solutions. Our technology offering is therefore always up to date.

Our most used technologies:

Creating Desktop Software

  • Microsoft.Net
  • Embarcadero Delphi Studio

Creating Web / Mobile Solutions

  • HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Apache Cordova / PhoneGap

Database Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL