Evolve 2.0 is the next generation DMS platform for Automate customers.

  • V3X customers wanting to get latest and greatest DMS features can upgrade from V3X to Evolve
  • The standard terms and conditions apply to upgrade from V3X to Evolve. For more details please speak to your dedicated Account Executive from Automate, who will talk you through the upgrade process
  • We can’t give a standard rate with regards to customers upgrading from either V3x Char or V3x GUI, as there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered
  • It depends on the number of users and if they are on the Data Centre or running in-house
  • Please contact our Sales and Marketing department for a proposal to upgrade

Britehouse Automotive's strategy is to at time in the future have a single DMS product in the market.

  • Automate will continue to support V3X customers going forward, however enhancements to the V3X platform will be limited and likely to be chargeable to the customers wanting changes to V3X
  • The upgrade path for all V3X customers is to upgrade to Evolve
  • Evolve 2.0 is the next generation DMS platform and includes a new CRM system called ADAPT and will be based on a new technology platform, that will give our customers many more advantages to remain competitive and relevant in their market
  • To take advantage of all the news features and products in Evolve, V3X customer should consider upgrading to Evolve as soon as possible
  • The V3X CHUI version of DMS software will reach end-of-life on 30th September, 2015 at which time Automate will not be in a position to guarantee further support for this version. This is due to the fact that the technology upon which V3X CHUI (Progress OpenEdge), has reached the end-of-life status and Progress our technology partner will no longer support this version of software. It is therefore recommended that all customers migrate to V3X GUI or Evolve, well before the September 2015 deadline is reached. Please speak to your Automate sales representative or Account Executive to discuss how you can upgrade to V3X GUI or Evolve
  • V3X GUI does not have an end-of-life date at this moment in time and is therefore still supported by Automate and our technology partner, Progress
  • No, customer upgrading from V3X to Evolve, will automatically be entitled to all new the features and functionality that comes with the core Evolve 2.0 DMS system
  • The standard fees and costs associated to upgrade from V3X to Evolve will apply. Thereafter, updates to the Evolve 2.0 DMS system will be included in the annual license fees
  • There are certain modules or plug-ins to the Evolve DMS system, which are licensed separately, such as the ADAPT CRM system. These will require a separate license
  • Evolve provides all the features and functions of a fully-fledged Automotive DMS system to run your business
  • Not all features available in V3X will be available and function the same way in Evolve
  • However, during the migration period Britehouse Automotive will provide the necessary training and assistance to transition your end users to the Evolve way
  • A much richer feature set exists in Evolve, which will benefit your organisation in the long run