It is obvious that the nexus of forces (social, mobile, information and cloud) as described by research analysts are rapidly changing the way people and business interact with technology.

​It is obvious that the nexus of forces (Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud) as described by research analysts are rapidly changing the way people and business interact with technology. In the world of analytics – often referred to as Business Intelligence (BI) – the impact is evident through its evolution from traditional business process monitoring and analysis (corporate BI) to collaborative and personal BI. The former is typically characterized by emphasis on data delivery, data management, data integration and quality as well as data governance whereas the latter shifts it focus to information access, collaboration, data validation, analytical and predictive modelling as well as data transformation.

Today large software vendors such as Microsoft are focusing its investment on advanced analytics where ‘cloud’ and ‘big data’ are shaping the future. Technologies such as parallel data warehousing (PDW), Azure Machine Learning (ML) and HDInsight empower organisations to process large volumes of data that constantly change or update to for instance marry social sentiment with an organisation’s sales data. The ability to do this can be extremely powerful in helping an organisation steer its course.

At Britehouse and through unique partnerships in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to partner with clients as they climb this ladder of BI maturity. Our services span from implementing traditional BI to deliver multi-dimensional cubes, tabular models as well as defined reports for organizational users to providing thought leadership and guidance in shaping an Analytics strategy that embrace the move to advanced analytics and unlocks true value by empowering users to effectively exploit the value that their data holds.

Our services largely focus on the following areas:

Self-Service BI and Data Visualisation

One of our niche areas of specialisation is Self-Service Business Intelligence within the Microsoft BI ecosystem. This includes advanced analytical modelling and data visualisation. These facets are considered to be of prime importance with regard to deriving insight from data.

Analytics and Cloud

As Microsoft partners, we are early adopters of new technology. We have worked with Power Pivot since 2010, while the product was still in beta. Additionally, we have built expertise with the desktop and cloud based Power BI products. Our focus on analytics and cloud demonstrates a level of readiness that is aligned to future direction.

Mobile BI

As a late entrant into the world of Mobile BI, Microsoft still has a few constraints to overcome even though they have delivered a first iteration of an HTML5 based mobile BI application for Windows 8. Time may buy the option of waiting for delivery on other platforms, but our expertise in Mobile development provides an opportunity for custom built or embedded BI for mobile platforms.

BI Training

Through unique partnerships in the industry we have a proven approach to introducing the value of BI within organisations. The approach is shaped to achieve maximum impact and insight regardless of the audience-maturity and understanding of BI, be it low or very high.

A critical success factor in the adoption of the Microsoft BI platform is to ensure that all users, including executive management, are able to extract relevant business value from available data.

We believe that by showcasing the business value against the backdrop of business pain points that are eradicated or reduced through the successful implementation of analytics, the adoption process can be embraced throughout an organisation. Additionally, by providing adequate training and knowledge transfer for all users on the relevant systems, each user will be empowered to deliver on the value that has been demonstrated.