Application Development

Being one of the largest software development companies in south africa means that we have the range and depth of skills to design and deliver working software that solves any business problem you may have.

Application development

Britehouse Digital is a trusted partner for many South African organisations because we have a track record of solving their pressing business issues with innovative yet cost-effective software solutions.

Our customers know that our ability to illuminate their future with our technology insight and experience unlocks the potential of their business. With us, they do better.

As a consequence, we build lasting relationships in which we get to know our clients’ business processes so thoroughly that our multi-disciplined talent pool is able to provide holistic solutions that address immediate business needs while simultaneously positioning the organisation to move smoothly towards its long term strategic goals.

As technology futurologists, it’s our job to help you embody in stable, high performance, simple, and precision designed technical solutions the business outcomes you are working towards.

Custom solutions

We specialise in the delivery of custom solutions. When you’re simply looking to automate routine tasks that are not differentiators for your organisation, then commercially available, off the shelf solutions are probably a good option. When it comes to getting the edge on your competition, then the commercially available solutions are too restrictive. They can also call for significant changes to the way you operate and your organisational culture. The time and money such changes consume often delay time to market or water down your impact on the market. Commercial solutions are expensive to license anyway, but they become even more difficult to justify financially when they also inhibit your ability to change the game in your industry.

The global trend to digitisation is proving this in profound ways. Digitisation is recreating the business landscape and will, we believe, change entire economies. To stay abreast of the changes or even simply to maintain one’s footing in it requires rapid access to custom applications.

Based on our years of experience in custom development, our insight into technologies coming down the line, and the range of experts we are able to deploy on a project, we are ideally positioned to give you that rapid access - to solutions designed, developed, and delivered to perfectly fit your particular needs and circumstances. Rather than use a one size fits all approach, we analyse each organisation as an individual entity and apply the approach that will be most effective.

As a matter of course, we use rapid screen prototyping, automated unit testing, collocated teams, iterative development, refactoring, and user acceptance testing. Our primary toolset is Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

Fixed price and agile

Also, as with everything Britehouse does as a group, Britehouse Digital is focused on giving you the best value available. So, we offer you a choice of delivery methods. We have the confidence in our software development cycle, project management ability, solution and industry specific knowledge, and development skills to deliver solutions on a fixed price basis. Where companies need rapidly deployed solutions that are intended to be changed and enhanced often, use our highly skilled .Net developers to SCRUM down and build them.

Technology integration

We use best practice, services orientated architectures to help you seamlessly integrate disparate applications or extend applications to new platforms or technologies, on a real time or batch basis.


Because workflow must underpin every complex application, we have been called upon to develop workflow solutions in scenarios as diverse as:

  • KPI approval
  • Purchase order to procurement
  • Retail savings and credit applications
  • Corporate travel.


Without reports on your applications, you are blind as to their effectiveness and any issues that might arise over time. We use Microsoft SQL Server to develop reports for the applications we develop and also to build more flexible, user friendly reports for existing applications.

​What the Britehouse difference gives you

Being one of the largest software development companies in South Africa means that we have the range and depth of skills to design and deliver working software that solves any business problem you may have. And, we do it quickly, with no fuss, and at least cost. We can do this because we partner closely with you, thoroughly understanding your organisation and its strategic intent, before we write any code.

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