Delivery Process Automation (DPA)

Handheld devices can be used to produce clean invoices with live prices and quantities, view promotions, and calculate costs for on the spot customer sign-off.

​​​​​​Delivery Process Automation (DPA)​

  • Streamlined settlement processes with the minimal changes by drivers and settlement supervisors
  • Clean invoicing with reduced issuing of credit notes
  • Clean invoice created and visible at customer handshake
  • Proof of delivery on device with signature of customer
  • Fewer discrepancies, and transparency for all
  • Off-line capabilities for emerging markets
  • Quicker truck turnaround at outlets and within the warehouse

The Delivery Process Automation (DPA) solution is ideal for a range of industries where sales are made 'in the field'.

Using a handheld device, the delivery driver can produce a clean invoice which takes into account live prices, promotions and other factors. Working in real-time, it uses SAP to calculate the correct pricing structure for the sales, as well as promotions applicable, handle returns and complete the transaction with the customer sign-off at the retail outlet.  

Within emerging markets, the device and solution works off-line using pre-loaded pricing and promotions for the period. This has proven to be highly desirable ad robust for emerging market businesses.