EzFlow is a low cost and effective support and maintenance solution offering easy transfering, tracking and accessing of data.


  • An integration and middleware solution
  • Real-time close coupled system integration enabling business process optimisation
  • Making middleware data available for application development on one platform
  • Flexible integration with complex ERP systems
  • Reducing development costs by providing common integration platform
  • Seamless data transfer and improved business information availability
  • Monitors and logs inter-application messages/data
  • Enriched data-tracking between applications

Ezflo allows two systems to exchange information, creating seamless data transfer and improved business information availability.

Allowing flexible integration with complex ERPs and most other systems with interfacing capabilities, users experience easy logging, tracking and monitoring of data, and improved service management.​

A light-weight integration product with a small footprint  using  the latest .net technologies, including MS SQL Server, and mainstream technology, providing a perfect low cost, effective support and maintenance  solution.