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We can get your organisation sharing information internally and externally in less time and with less resource cost than anyone else in south africa. we embody both best practice & innovation in the field of information management.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What the Britehouse difference does for you

We can get your organisation sharing information internally and externally in less time and with less resource cost than anyone else in South Africa. As technology futurologists by nature and as a consequence of our extensive experience across all industry sectors and a vast array of organisational types and sizes, we understood the collaborative potential of technology before it became a business focus. So, now, we embody both best practice and innovation in the field of information management.

In many ways, information management represents the essence of the benefits of using technology to drive business outcomes. As consumers have proved in the mass market, the ability to share information of whatever kind quickly, easily, at least cost, and in the most coherent way has the power to change the world. Political revolutions have been accelerated by Twitter, as we saw during the Arab Spring. Equally, political and social unity have been engendered by Twitter and social media, as we saw from the Je Suis Charlie [Hebdo] campaign. No other mechanism in history has enabled such speed and simultaneous depth of collaboration among people.

The world has arrived at a point where any organisation that does not deliberately exploit the unique collaborative capabilities of technology will suffer the loss of competitive edge.

At Britehouse, we eat, drink, and sleep technology. So we knew this day would come and we inherently and as part of a strategic plan developed the ability to help our customers become fluid, connected organisations able to harness the full potential of their own people and those outside the organisation for mutual benefit.


Since its inception by Microsoft ten years ago, we’ve been crafting solutions in SharePoint that have included Intranet and Extranet Portals, Document Management, and Knowledge Management – as well as custom developed solutions deployed on the SharePoint platform,

SharePoint strategy

We believe that organisations get true value out of SharePoint only if they use it as an employee empowerment tool rather than simply as a document management system. When you deploy it as a vehicle for enterprise content management, you enable your people to be more productive and more creative.

That’s because you go beyond enabling them to create workspaces, wikis, and blogs into making their lives easier based on who they are, what they are working on, and what interests them.

A well designed and implemented SharePoint platform enables innovation, collaboration, process automation, efficiency, knowledge sharing, culture enrichment, and content and information management.

In helping you create your SharePoint strategy, we remind you that the strategy is a living document and must evolve as your business needs change. To start with, however, we take you through:

  • Your SharePoint vision
  • A roadmap for achieving the vision
  • SharePoint technical recommendations
  • SharePoint platform and maintenance governance.

Intranet Portals

Because Intranet Portals provide a place for knowledge workers to collaborate and a central persistent store of tacit knowledge assets, they need to be dynamic. So, we exploit native SharePoint features as far as possible – to save you time and money – and then custom develop any additionally required components.

We also save you time and money by using our web part usability pack, developed from our many years of experience in implementing Intranet Portals. The pack contains the most requested web parts, ready to be reused for your implementation.

Content management

As technology futurologists, looking at the road ahead on behalf of our customers, we know how important it is to see enterprise content management ECM not as a ingle system, solution, discipline, or data source but as a holistic platform relevant to every area of your business. Content lives in email, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and line of business applications – to name just a few.

With this in mind, we specialise in the development of solutions that enable unstructured information to be gathered from multiple content sources across the organisation and published through Microsoft SharePoint. Content is managed throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that all stakeholders, be they the public or internal or external businesses, are provided with reliable, up to date, and meaningful information that is relevant to them.

Taxonomy design

The traditional arrangement of content according to company structure and organisation design is an impediment to external stakeholders and cross functional groups wishing to collaborate. So, we undertake an information audit, define personas for users, and design a taxonomy that our long experience tells us will best enable collaboration. We implement the taxonomy in SharePoint via features such as site structure, managed metadata, security and audience targeting.

Governance consulting

A critical success factor in any SharePoint rollout is the provision of a strong governance framework for solutions deployed to the platform. Without such a framework, it is difficult to control the way solutions are grown and maintained. It also inhibits your ability to govern the content created and managed within the solutions. For the governance framework to be fully effective, however, you need commitment from IT, business users, and information management stakeholders. We can assist you with all aspects of governance.

Automated tagging

Meet Serendipity and let content find you.

Serendipity (S4X) is the product of countless engineers, developers, programmers & specialists. It's a one stop solution to streamlining a company's Knowledge Management, Collaboration & Information Discovery Systems. By plugging in effortlessly to ShareP​oint, Office and other repositories – Serendipity makes easy work of tasks that traditionally either took many hours to complete, or were simply not possible. CIO's, CTO's & Knowledge Managers in large organizations across South Africa have implemented S4X to enhance their operations on a day-to-day basis. In short, Serendipity provides advanced digital infrastructure for companies to run on – and is powered behind firewalls on site, or in the cloud. Serendipity is part of the Britehouse Group.

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Document import and migration

We have created tools to release any of your intellectual capital that is currently locked up in file shares or older inaccessible document management products. These tools enable us to import, classify, categorise, and add meta-data tags, regardless of the format of the content.

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services We are a Microsoft approved SharePoint Deployment Planning Services provider. So, we can help you get the most out of your investments in Microsoft technology, whether you’re in a deployment of upgrade phase.

Other SharePoint solutions

We are also very experienced in using the SharePoint platform for:

  • SAP reporting
  • SAP integrated business processes
  • Custom built workflow solutions
  • Extranet Portals
  • Records Management
  • Document Management
  • Document Type and Policy Design
  • KPI and Dashboards
  • OCR.​

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