On the face of it, mobility may appear to be relatively straightforward, but when it comes to true mobility – defined as the extension of enterprise applications, business processes and information out in the field – it gets a lot more complex.

​​​​​​​Britehouse Specialist Mobility Division delivers enterprise mobility solutions.

Britehouse Mobility is a Dimension Data Group company which has established a reputation as a global player in the field of Enterprise Mobility. Mobility solutions have proven to be the cornerstone of an organisations’ quest for competitive advantage. Successful organisations operating in todays’ highly competitive and dynamic markets are constantly and consistently driving mobility solutions for this very reason.

What is true mobility?

We guide our clients along a business strategy to deliver mobility solutions within their organisations. On the face of it, mobility may appear to be relatively straightforward, but when it comes to true mobility – defined as the extension of enterprise applications, business processes and information out in the field – it gets a lot more complex. And with that complexity comes risk.

Many clients are deeply invested in fully integrated back office applications and platforms to manage and grow their businesses. Britehouse Specialist Mobility Division assists in mobilising these business essentials and harnessing the power of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise mobility is a challenge of complexity: a multitude of devices and connectivity options on the handheld side has to seamlessly meld with a multitude of applications, technology platforms and data formats in the back office.

A successful mobility solution means all these elements have to be integrated, securely connected and effectively supported and managed. Britehouse Specialist Mobility Division understands the challenges of enterprise mobility and will help you navigate the diversity of these technologies.

What we offer

Primarily, we conduct an in-depth analysis of an organisation and its’ mobility needs, for the intended outcome of mobilising business processes, increasing productivity through mobilisation and the reduction of costs through the promotion of a ‘paperless environment’ in both an online and offline capacity. Moreover, we look at maximising ‘touchpoints’, asset tracking and management, field services, inspections, consumer applications and direct cost reduction amongst other applications and services.

Britehouse Mobility assists businesses in defining their mobile strategies and roadmaps, as well as providing ‘turnkey’ mobile business solutions, specialist mobility hardware and provide ongoing operational support to mobile eco systems.

Our goal

The focus is around the mobilisation of core business systems such as SAP, Microsoft, and other mainstream systems. Our goal is to offer customers a strategic approach to delivering enterprise mobility within their organisation.

Britehouse Mobility assists some of the largest organisations in differentiating themselves and giving them the competitive edge to succeed in the market.

The positive outcomes for clients of our projects include direct cost reductions of up to 20% and sales increases of up to 50% - with contributions to the environment, staff morale, and opportunity benefit.

Britehouse Mobility delivers simple solutions to serious business.

Britehouse Mobility’s turnkey solutions include:

  • Enterprise Mobility strategies and roadmaps
  • Project design and delivery
  • End user training and change management
  • Mobile device hardware specification and recommendation
  • Customised applications
  • Post production support SLAs, providing customers with a single point of contact for all operational aspects of mobile solutions, such as:
    • End user support
    • Mobile Device Support and provisioning- MDM /MDS
    • Hardware support 'break-fix' SLA’s
    • Core systems support
    • Build update and adaptation

Some of Britehouse Mobility’s Projects Include:

  • Aveng Trident Steel
  • CommerceZone
  • Distell
  • Engen
  • Dubal​
  • Standard Bank
  • ​CTM

The Atajo Platform

The ever evolving world of technology provides many challenges to businesses. Organisations around the world are under increasing strain to keep up with the dynamic world of technology. Britehouse Mobility has continued to innovate and stay ahead of the game utilising an advanced technology platform called Atajo.

Atajo’s success in the market lies with seamless integration, secure connectivity, effective support structures and the option of full end-to-end management. This package being supplied to the end user in both an on-line and off-line mode.

The Atajo Platform is specifically designed to incorporate eight critical aspects to a successful implementation. These are outlined as such:

  • Offline and Online Capabilities
  • Transaction Management
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Community Management
  • Back-end Integration
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Platform Independent User Interface
  • Backend to device communication and Vice Versa
  • Emphasis on Security

All businesses endeavour to improve employee productivity, increase organisational efficiency, and enhanced customer service; mobile enterprise platforms represent the primary driving force behind such strategic imperatives. Atajo is a multipurpose platform which is designed to interact across your whole organisation.

The Atajo Platform enables improved operational productivity in the field and allows organisations to expedite time-consuming and administrative processes, while reducing costs by integrating the multitude of systems required within all organisations and allows a single paperless action, from anywhere in the world, to trigger a chain reaction throughout an entire organisation. Where these processes extend into the field, mobility comes into its own. Britehouse Mobility attributes the success of their recent projects to the Atajo Enterprise Mobility Platform.

Some of Britehouse Mobility’s recent projects with the Atajo Enterprise Mobility Platform include:

  • Konica Minolta – Field Services
  • PenBev – Sales Force and Asset Tracking
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality – Metre Reading
  • Netcare – Logistics and Stock Room Control
  • Brandhouse Beverges – Asset Tracking​​

We are delighted to announce that our updated BBBEE certification was issued on 29 October 2015 and we are rated as a Level 4 Contributor.

Our Level 4 status means that our clients can allocate 110% of their spend with us under Preferential Procurement on their own BBBEE Scorecards. Our “Value Adding Supplier” status further increases this percentage to 137.5%.​

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