Strategic Advisory Services

Britehouse has a rare combination of skills and experience in using technology to drive business value. this makes us one of very few organisations in south africa so steeped in digitisation that we can talk strategy as well as tactics.

​What the Britehouse DIGITAL difference gives you

The world around us is moving at a rapid rate. Competition and disruption are rife.  Going digital is now imperative for many organisations.  But how do you begin to digitally transform your organisation in a meaningful and effective way? Where does IT stop and business begin?

A new generation of business is emerging, as organisations become increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate every aspect of their business; from backend financial and operating systems, to marketing, stakeholder touchpoints and new product development.  This next-generation business is intuitive, able to sense and respond to its customers changing needs, delivering exceptional customer experiences. An organisation that is innovative as its core.

Our holistic approach to digital advisory, ensures that your digital strategy effectively transforms your organisation, whilst keeping your customers at the very heart of it. We help your business and IT teams to embark on a collaborative journey towards achieving a defined strategic ambition, in attainable steps. Using a selection of tech-savvy tools, we help you to ensure your strategy is executed in a meaningful way across your organisation.  And once you are ready to implement technology, your Britehouse Digital Advisory team will help you work through the full stack to implement your vision.


  • Customer experience advisory
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Strategy implementation and execution support
  • Exponential exploration workshops
  • Culture and change fitness advisory


How digitally capable are you?

In a survey of medium to large-sized South African companies we found that, while 50% said they were undergoing some degree of digital transformation, only a few had effectively mapped out the digital customer journey.

Organisations are struggling with the idea that digital isn’t just portals and mobile apps. And digital transformation isn’t a trend owned by a particular role, nor a discipline that belongs to one department alone. Instead of thinking about digital transformation as a shift in marketing to increased mobile and social, or an evolution in your IT systems, it should be considered systemically, as a ‘whole organisation’ approach. This systemic change includes the transformation of people, processes and technology. It spans cross-functional teams within your organisation, from senior leadership to HR, marketing, operations, IT, legal and compliance, all of whom have to orchestrate a winning customer experience across your existing channels. All also have to retain sufficient adaptability to allow for new channels to emerge.


Innovate intelligently


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