Find out what assets you have, how much you have, and where they are at any moment, for your convenience.


  • Asset verification for auditable proof of asset location
  • Know how many assets you have and where they are at any time
  • V-Trac allows multiple points of integration to ERP systems
  • Flexibility in deployment methods
  • Scanning speeds up on-site processes and reduces data input errors
  • Allows sales representative tracking
  • Standardised reporting​

Asset verification for auditable proof of asset location

V-TRAC is an asset verification system that will let you know at any time: how many assets you have, where they are at any moment, and what needs to be replenished. 

V-TRAC works by defining a range of scenarios, each with defined business action criteria. For example the authorisation of asset movement. 

How it works

After initial tagging and verification of an asset, subsequent verification can be scheduled. This could take the form of dynamic tracking, through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or manual verification through the use of hand-held bar code scanners. From here, the data is synchronised to a central database for real-time management and reporting. 

V-TRAC caters for multiple applications, multiple points of integration and multiple methods of deployment. Information gathering through scanning has huge benefits including speeding up processes and reducing data input errors.

Standardised reports V-TRAC outputs include: percentage of assets verified, asset location and movement, unauthorised movement of assets and unverified assets.