Automotive IOT

Gain control and insight through improved visibility with a single IoT platform

Britehouse Automotive IoT provides a platform-based solution that can provide unprecedented insight into your business and its processes.

How it works:

Britehouse Automotive has partnered with IoT.nxt, the leading IoT platform provider in South Africa. Together, we have developed a sophisticated, secure and layered platform that allows for immediate retail and OEM benefits, while catering for ongoing expansion and the development of business-critical measurement and control features.

By integrating computers, machinery, electronic devices, processes and systems, the comprehensive IoT platform provides a visual overview of every process in the organisation without disruption. With pre-set alerts and triggers, operational behaviour changes can be initiated simply, efficiently and proactively.

This platform provides a single templated infrastructure that will cater for all IoT requirements, bringing all data visibility and control aspects together into a single front end. The platform eliminates the need for point-to-point solutions where visibility is scattered across multiple platforms.

Britehous​e Automotive IoT delivers greater efficiency and responsiveness to market demands, equipping businesses with a powerful competitive edge in the delivery of products and services.

Key features of the Britehouse Automotive IoT Platform include:

Better customer experience
Intelligent recognition of customers and their vehicles, personalises the dealership experience.

Real-time decision analytics and visibility
IoT adds to the growing pile of big data, but through sophisticated techniques this data can be displayed, interpreted and analysed for decisions to be made and actions to be taken.

A single integrated platform
This truly integrated single platform leverages three key capabilities; application enablement (the ability to customise IoT solutions), data aggregation and storage (the ability to capture and store data to generate insights) and connectivity management (the ability to automatically connect devices, networks and systems).

Improved data quality
Every business should be concerned about the quality of their data. Through greater visibility of data trends, interfaces and inputs, poor quality data is highlighted and can be improved. 

Re-use of old technology
Existing electronic devices can be integrated and re-utilised, realising benefits immediately.

Improved productivity
Businesses can enjoy lower overheads and minimise unnecessary expenses,​ by improving employee efficiency through process automation and the thorough analysis of process effectiveness. ​

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers central to the Automotive 30 year journey

IP owned

Full control over enhancements, strategy and direction of software

Local & dedicated support

Local South African support aligned to customer needs

Managed services

Cloud hosting & integration services centrally managed ​