The easy way to create an online home for your automotive business

Gears takes the hassle and difficulty out of getting your automotive business online. With template-based designs and modules built specifically for the automotive industry, Gears provides a great way to create a polished, mobile-ready experience for your customers.

How it works:

The Gears platform is built on sophisticated technology. It provides layered security and a host of powerful features that allow for a high degree of control and customisation. With templates that are as beautiful as they are responsive, fresh new designs can be added at any time to create a new look with minimal effort – there’s no need for expensive development.

Key features of the Gears platform include:

Online registration
Sign up online and publish your site in minutes without the need to liaise with developers and designers.

Template-based designs
Our expansive collection of beautiful templates is growing constantly. We created them with user experience in mind, along with the need to adhere to OEM and Group requirements.

Capable modules
Choose the modules you need according to your business requirements, such as a new vehicle catalogue or a used vehicle locator.

Easy account management
The customer portal makes invoicing and payments simple and efficient.

Lead management
A lead manager is available for the new vehicle catalogue and used vehicle locator modules.

Your stock will be managed automatically through our integration layer if your business used one of our partner DNS systems, while leads are sent to your CRM systems.

Robust security
Gears incorporates the latest in security technology including SSL encryption, token-based authentication and a concealed database that ensures only the API backend can access data on the internal network. Patches and upgrades are applied continuously at all levels and automatically propagated to all websites.

Use Gears to get your site up and running in four ​steps:
  • Sign up
  • Capture dealer details
  • Load your stock or choose your brand
  • Publish your site​

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers central to the Automotive 30 year journey

IP owned

Full control over enhancements, strategy and direction of software

Local & dedicated support

Local South African support aligned to customer needs

Managed services

Cloud hosting & integration services centrally managed ​