From buying and selling a car to having it serviced, there are important touch points every step of the way. Trust is vital in this industry, and a business must deliver on its promises to earn it. Britehouse helps to make that happen by serving the automotive industry with complete digital solutions that enable businesses and, ultimately, help them flourish.

Our core Dealer Management Solutions (DMS) are powered by our market-leading Automate product. They are complemented by locally developed and supported Industry CRM, digital marketing solutions, industry-specific software development, learning platforms, social media consulting, telematics and web design.

For more than 30 years, Britehouse Automotive has been supporting franchised and independent dealerships in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East – more than 20 countries altogether. Our solutions are​ stable and robust enough to run on a standalone basis with minimal input from IT staff, but support is readily available from our headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

This gives us a major advantage over other DMS providers, as we are able to adapt to local conditions and ensure flexibility for your customers’ changing needs.

So, let’s see what Britehouse Automotive can do for your business.​



Our offerings

Dealer Management Solutions
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Automotive IoT
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Automotive Mobile Solutions
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Marketing Solutions 
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Customer loyalty

Loyal customers central to the Automotive 30 year journey

IP owned

Full control over enhancements, strategy and direction of software

Local & dedicated support

Local South African support aligned to customer needs

Managed services

Cloud hosting & integration services centrally managed ​