Application Consolidation and Modernisation Assessment


Reduce the risks and costs of making changes to your applications environment

With Britehouse’s applications architecture you can mitigate risk, circumvent rollbacks and avoid end-user frustration, helping you to better understand your environment.​​


How it works:

Consolidation and modernisation decisions can be tricky, especially when you don’t have access to legacy documentation. It can also be risky if you’re in the dark about the application interconnectedness and inter-dependencies.

Our innovative and non-intrusive “discovery tool” automatically gathers information on the entire environment, sparing enterprise architects a labour-intensive and often inaccurate manual processes of capturing information.

​Lead the way when you partner with Britehouse​​

​In addition to a comprehensive inventory list, this assessment provides a full view of application interconnections and dependencies. This is valuable when you are planning a seamless migration.
The discovery tool runs for 30 days, a full month cycle. Our experts then use the data with stakeholder interviews to understand, analyse and visualise your environment. 

The highly specialised team provides recommendations on possible workload rationalisation opportunities and/or application consolidations and modernisations. This will reveal opportunities to create efficiencies in your business and help you map a route to success.​​​

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