Digital Advisory

Digital Advisory guides business towards organisational transformation, that delivers value where it matters most.

Value-oriented solutions that include the human element, technological trends and organisational nuances. 

How it works:

  • Rapid ideation and implementation of effective digital strategies.
  • Human-centred design and problem-solving.
  • Customer and employee-centric service design.
  • Solutions across the digital continuum from organisational, technological and human interactions.
  • Transformations that are informed by data, guided by purpose and executed to the finest detail.
  • Continuous improvement, refinement and adaptation of new and evolving technologies, trends and best practices.
  • Business process optimisation that focuses on delivering value to your customer.
  • People-focused solutions that bring out the best in your most valuable asset – your employees.​​

Lead the way when you partner with Britehouse

Innovative organisations are disrupting business models, market forces and competitor fundamentals. Harnessing the opportunities presented in this digital age means re-imagining the way people think, learn and do. It also means finding new ways of working together to sustainably deliver value to all stakeholders, with a focus on your digitally astute customer.

Yet with all this opportunity comes the risk and complexity of embracing what “digital” means for your organisation and how it can create meaningful business outcomes for you. This confusion often leads to copy-and-paste strategies taken from competitors that invariably fail and expose you to customer frustration and friction with your brand.

So where to from here? How does your brand define its true north?

Through our Digital Advisory services, we enable organisations to navigate increasingly complex and overwhelming digital opportunities that go beyond rehashing the competition’s game plan. We do this through co-creating and designing digital initiatives and enabling your workforce to embrace new ways of working that help you to achieve your business outcomes.

We advise, assist and guide our clients through the white noise and misconceptions that have led too many brands down a road to nowhere. We work with our clients across digital strategy, design and execution. We are passionate about moving beyond strategy presentations to help our clients pursue and ultimately realise genuine business outcomes through digital transformation.

​By driving strategic executions against transformational objectives, we help you to achieve the results that matter to your business, your people and your customers. ​

Let Britehouse take you on your digital journey

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We will be your trusted advisor at every touch point of your digital journey

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We're a proudly South African company

Tier one partners

Our close collaboration with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP allows us to leverage the latest technologies

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We provide a range of managed applications and cloud services​