A next-generation enterprise mobility platform.

Atajo is a multi-purpose development platform that allows our developers to quickly build and deploy signature mobile solutions and applications on the most suitable device for your business.​

How it works:

The vendor and technology agnostic platform allows for easy integration into back-end systems and ensures that mobile devices and applications in your ecosystem are properly secured.

It can function on and off-line to provide flexibility and allows us to offer you continued operational s​upport and end to end solutions management.​

Key benefits include:

Providing real-time insights into availability, stability and the usage of your environment.

Guaranteed end to end delivery and data-loss prevention.

Offline capabilities
Synchronised content enables offline productivity.

Accommodates businesses of all sizes and allows users to access, maintain and manage remotely stored data.

A multitude of back-end systems can be unified into a single, user-friendly business tool.

Remote code update
Apps can be configured remotely and upgrades can be automated.

A comprehensive support structure is available around the clock.

Platform independent
Progressive and native mobile apps are made to suit every major app store.

End to end enterprise-grade security is assured.

Mainstream open-source technologies allow for quick time to market.

*Atajo licences can be bought from Britehouse for custom developed products. 

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