Making Data Transfers Seamless

An affordable yet effective support and maintenance solution to transfer, track and access data​


How it works:

Ezflo is designed to integrate with complex ERPs and other systems, with interfacing capabilities to facilitate the user-friendly logging, tracking and monitoring of data.

Since it uses the latest .net technologies, including MS QL Server – along with mainstream technology. Ezflo is a lightweight integration product with a small footprint. It provides a perfect low-cost, effective support and mainten​ance solution.

As an integration and middleware solution, Ezflo enables two systems to share information with seamless data transfer and improves the availability of business information.​

Features and benefits include:
  • Real-time, close-coupled system integration to enable business process optimisation.
  • Middleware data made available for application development on one platform.
  • Flexible integration with complex ERP systems.
  • Reduced development costs through the provision of a common integration platform.
  • Seamless data transfer and improved business information availability.
  • Monitoring and logging of any inter-application messages/data.
  • Enriched data tracking between applications.​​

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