Asset verification for auditable proof of asset location

At any given time, a business should be able to account for its assets – how many there are, where they are and what needs to be replenished. V-TRAC is an asset verification system that makes all this information readily available. ​​​​​​


How it works:

Assets are tagged and verified, and subsequent verification can then be planned. This can be done through dynamic tracking, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or manual verification with hand-held barcode scanners. Data is then linked to a central database for real-time management and reporting.

V-TRAC works by defining a range of scenarios, each with defined business action criteria, such as the authorisation of asset movement.​​​

How can V-Trac benefit your business?
Processes can be accelerated and data capture errors reduced by gathering information through scanning.
V-TRAC caters for multiple applications, points of integration and methods of deployment.
Reports are provided on the percentage of assets verified, asset location and movement, and the unauthorised movement of verified and unverified assets.​​​

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