ePOD – Automating logistics

Enable sales for your business​


How it works:

  • Offline mode – A catalogue of surveys and transaction history can be stored offline.
  • Usage analytics – Allows the monitoring of app users in terms of who uses it and how, with acceptance statistics, revisits and the point at which users abandon the app.
  • End-user support – A support desk is available to respond quickly to mobile-specific issues.
  • Multiplatform support – Multiple platforms are supported (e.g. IOS, Android) from one code base, reducing costs.
  • Security – Robust security is assured.​​
What can ePod do for your business?
Schedule shipments or load vans with stock through integration with your ERP.
Conduct pre-call checks and inspections before leaving the site.
Make stock lists and pricing conditions available offline.
Let drivers reduce stock at the delivery point to produce a clean invoice.
Make all customer and invoice details available on devices via integration.
Put a ​driver or third-party validation in place on login, ​stock sign out and delivery.
Sync data to allow the driver to download all shipments and tasks for the day and for the application to run offline.
Conduct invoicing and payments on the device with the ability to print via a Bluetooth printer.
Process ad-hoc or scheduled returns or empties collections.
Create surveys such as customer satisfaction ratings.​

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