IT Landscape Discovery

Get a better understanding of your IT landscape to improve the implementation of your initiatives

Modernising the IT landscape, integrating or divesting businesses, and consolidating IT infrastructure requires significant planning.​


How it works:

  • We can help you understand, roadmap and plan interac​tions during time of mergers, acquisitions and divestiture.
  • Understanding the full implications of cloud migrations.
  • Improving consolidation, standardisation or modernisation of IT landscape.
  • Building architectural roadmaps and understand the risks in hard and software upgrades.

The Britehouse discovery service runs across server farms in multiple data centres and multiple geographies without putting a strain on network resources or the end user experience. Use it for ring-fencing and discover how applications are deployed and how they interact within your environment. ​

Lead the way when you partner with Britehouse​

Our IT Landscape Discovery Service quickly uncovers your entire IT landscape to inform decisions on architectural constructs and integration touch-points. This Service offers you the knowledge needed to de-risk your IT initiatives and more accurately estimate the time and cost required for execution.

Deploy our technology agnostic IT Landscape Discovery Service in your environment and start collecting data on your servers, applications, databases, integration touchpoints, data transfer methods and dependencies in minutes.

An architectural view of the physical and virtual servers running in your environment with drill-down views of applications to analyse every bottleneck, understand every threat and capitalise on every opportunity. Analyse every integration point to understand the data that’s transmitted, the payload carried, the level of data sensitivity and the associated risks and opportunities to consolidate, simplify and modernise your existing architecture. Use detailed findings and recommendations that highlight opportunities for risk reduction, cost savings and systems optimisation. Exceptions that may be of interest are also revealed.​​​

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