Aveng Trident Steel

Steel Manufacturing ERP system

​​A full Steel Manufacturing ERP system was implemented at Aveng Trident Steel and as a result of the shift into a new system, a Change Management Stream was included to assist with communications and expectation management across the business.

Company Profile

​Aveng Trident Steel supplies a wide product range to the steel industry in South Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa from their extensive steel yards, modern and comprehensive steel processing and steel service centers, specialty steel division and tube manufacturing plant.  

Business Situation
Aveng Trident Steel was operating on an aging IT platform with various systems cobbled together to match the complex business needs and processes. This platform was deemed insufficient for the business to grow in a time sensitive and competitive environment, where clients demand their steel supply to be delivered quickly to meet their manufacturing targets.   

A decision was made to move over to SAP ERP to optimize operations, gain access to better data and reports and to standardise the business to industry best practice.  ​

Aveng Trident Steel opted to implement an RDS: Rapid Deployment Solution, which would see a fully fledged SAP ERP system designed, developed and implemented within a 9 month period.
Technical Situation

Aveng Trident Steel was using an Oracle based E1 system that had been modified extensively over the course of 10 years. This had made the system suitable enough for use in the past, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to engineer accurate reports, contained many manual processes and paperwork and there was no training control to manage quality and consistency in operations. The Plant Maintenance Department were using a system called Pragma and the Health and Safety team were using excel spreadsheets to manage.​​


​​A full Steel Manufacturing ERP system was implemented at Aveng Trident Steel and as a result of the shift into a new system, a Change Management Stream was included to assist with communications and expectation management across the business.

The Change Management Stream provided the following benefits:

  • Expectation Management across all departments in the business.
  • Consulting expertise in handling external business change management issues.
  • Stakeholder engagement that included shop steward engagements from a strategic industrial relations perspective; Leadership alignment throughout the engagement; Information sessions presented to all affected staff. 
  • Clear and consistent communications that included weekly newsflashes, change impact communications to end users and training support communications.
  • Change tracking that revealed any risk areas in the business as well as a risk mitigation strategy to ensure project success. 
Products & Services Used
The initial scope of the Change Management stream was to ensure consistent and clear messaging to the business to ensure awareness, understanding and commitment.  

This soon expanded to include: 
  • Leadership Alignment: Interviews, workshops and reports to ensure leadership commitment and buy in across the departments and throughout the lifespan of the project. ​
  • Change Tracking: tracking and measuring the attitudes to existing change management practices, measuring the impact of the new system on the business and conducting change readiness assessments to ensure that the business was ready for the changes. 
  • Project Team Management: assessing team health across the project, addressing any team health issues with ad hoc interventions. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement: engaged with leadership teams, middle management, supervisors to operators. The change management stream was also involved in information sessions to shop stewards and union representatives to minimise the risks of any industrial action that could have resulted from the system implementation. 
  • Change Agent Network: setting up, training and management of an internal business team to ensure communications and other change activities were conducted timeously and effectively.  
  • Communications: the development and distribution of weekly newsflashes, visual learning maps to aid awareness campaigns and the presentation of information sessions to affected and impacted audiences. Information sessions were conducted at all branches and covered the majority of the entire workforce in communicating the changes to the business. 
  • Training Support: development of quick reference guides for impacted end users, on the floor support for the training team.  
  • Weekly participation in the project Steercom ensured that any change management risks were addressed and mitigated quickly through the support of the executive team. The utilisation of a predominantly visual communications approach created unanimous buy in and also ensured affected audiences such as shop stewards, were quickly made to feel comfortable with the extent and range of the change impact. 
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