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3fifteen implemented a new Planning System for BRC using Microsoft SharePoint Server as the underlying platform, supported by a SQL Server database to store underlying data. The solution needed to be completed within four months, including functional...

Company Profile
​Barloworld is a distributor of leading international brands providing integrated rental, fleet management, product support and logistics solutions. The core divisions of the group comprise:  

  • Equipment and Handling (earthmoving, power systems, materials handling and agriculture)
  • Automotive and Logistics (car rental, motor retail, fleet services, used vehicles and disposal solutions, logistics management and supply chain optimisation).  

The Barloworld Reman Centre (BRC) in Boksburg, Johannesburg, launched in May 2012, more than doubles existing throughput for Cat engine, hydraulic and drive train rebuilds and is one of the biggest dealer rebuild facilities in the world. Its tooling and equipment will support expected growth in both the size and quantity of Cat components, as well as new product technologies, for at least the next 10 years. 
Business Situation
BRC run a streamlined rebuild process which includes various stations, controlled by different on-the-floor and administrative staff.  

BRC require a means by which to track the component disassembly process with the end goal of providing the customer with an accurate quote, yet within a reasonably short amount of time.  On quote acceptance, the actual rebuild process needs to be tracked, including ordering of spare parts.  The end to end process needs to be tracked to complete within the time committed to the customer.  In addition, the collaboration on completing the process, such as emails, discussions and supporting documents, need to be stored centrally and accessible to the BRC stakeholders and Barloworld Equipment customer representatives.  The supporting information, including emails, documents and discussions, need to be available during the rebuild process and post completion, for reference.
Technical Situation
Barloworld Equipment were using a custom developed Microsoft (MS) Access application to manage the process of receiving and repairing components.  The application is very simple and was implemented as a stop-gap solution.  

The issues experienced with the application are numerous and most importantly include:  

  • Permissions are not governed and difficult to control.
  • Modifications to the system are not governed, thus changes are regularly made without evaluating the long term impact on the solution. The interface design of the solution is not intuitive.
  • The architectural design does not cater for extensibility and maintainability.  
The solution needed to be replaced to cater for the increasing demand, and had to overcome the existing technical challenges. 

​3fifteen implemented a new Planning System for BRC using Microsoft SharePoint Server as the underlying platform, supported by a SQL Server database to store underlying data.  The solution needed to be completed within four months, including functional workshops, solution implementation and testing, and finally data migration. 

​The solution has been used in the production environment only for six weeks at the date of compiling this case study.  
The following benefits have already been realized:  

  • Streamlined process management.  This ensures the process is understood by all end users and management, thus reducing training time. Visibility of rebuild jobs across the stages, with measurable response and completion times.  This ensures that realistic dates can be committed to the customer, resulting in significantly improved customer service.
  • Centrally accessible job data, including emails and documents.  This has reduced search time and provided visibility on information across the team, including customer representatives who are geographically dispersed.
  • A maintainable system, which will in future be extended to include scanning integration and automated proposal generation. 
Products & Services Used
The following products and services were used to implement the solution:  

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, including .Net Framework 4.5 and ASP.NET
  • JavaScript