Konica Minolta Experience Smart End-to-End Task Completion

Seamless service delivery process using enterprise mobility

Atajo; enterprise mobility; digital sales process; field services; Britehouse Digital

Executive Summary

Konica Minolta is South Africa's leading multifunction printer, service and support provider, with an exceptionally skilled technical staff complement that offers a 4 hour response time to service calls and delivers 24-hours a day, seven days a week, nationally.

Driven by the need to improve its administration and develop a seamless service delivery process, Konica Minolta seriously considered its existing business processes and sought ways to work smarter.  A number of core challenges were highlighted, these included: laborious, time consuming paper based documentation and administration processes; lack of visibility of service teams stock-on-hand, inefficient allocation of resources, escalating costs and time delays.

Partnering with technology provider Britehouse Mobility, the decision was made to implement a digital enterprise development platform,  Atajo, to optimise Konica Minolta's business operations and create valuable field service solutions.  

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is the principal importer and distributor of the award winning Bizhub range of digital multifunctional printers, range of laser printers and production press.  The company has a solid support infrastructure and distribution network, which includes 17 branches and 49 dealerships countrywide, catering for businesses of all sizes across Southern Africa. 

Konica Minolta continuously strives to deliver exceptional service as well as product excellence by supplying top of the range print, scan and copier products on demand in an affordable and timely manner. The company truly believes in environmental, social and economic sustainability, with integrity and transparency.

Business Challenge

With more than 300 technicians out in the field and numerous service branches across South Africa, Konica Minolta experienced business challenges in the administration process and identified challenges that technicians faced, that hindered their job performance.  

At that time, technicians had to travel back and forth to the office to return and capture documents completed after each call out. This process generated substantial amounts of paper work on a daily basis, as well as valuable time that could be better utilised on business critical service calls, on site assessments and installations.   Technicians would have to manually capture and upload data into the SAP ERP system for billing purposes, which often resulted in human error and duplication of data.

Previously, if a technician was addressing a service request at a client’s premise and a new service request arose at that same client, the technician was not able to open and initiate a new service request call ticket and address the task at hand, while on-premise.   The logged call ticket could only be captured and allocated by the support call centre, whereby an alternate technician would receive and respond to the call, causing unnecessary delay and inefficient allocation of resources.

Konica Minolta also identified challenges in the inaccuracy of its field service technician’s stock-on-hand, referred to as VAN stock. The company needed to have real-time visibility of this VAN stock, 24/7.

The high cost of document storage, having to archive documents of a five year compliance period, escalating call centre costs, multiple technician call outs and continuous co-ordination of field service activities, were amongst the additional challenges Konica Minolta faced and wanted to address. 

The Requirements

Konica Minolta required a long term, sustainable digital solution, to enable an efficient, nimble service approach that would enhance customer service standards, optimise resources and core business processes. 

The Solution

Britehouse Mobility custom developed a digital field service solution, built and developed on the enterprise development platform, Atajo.

The solution assists Konica Minolta to automate business operations and systems in a real-time framework. The mobilisation of systems required full integration directly into the pre-existing SAP backend system, in a single customised and comprehensive enterprise application, with embedded GPS functionality, with an easy to navigate interface.

Using the GPS functionality, technicians are able to map out and plan the most optimal route for each day. The field services application provides the versatility to work remotely when uploading data, and checking stock availability.  The application also enables service request initiation, this means that each technician is able to log a new call ticket, open and initiate the ticket and complete the customer's request on site, immediately, using a hand-held device. This data automatically uploads into the SAP ERP system for record and billing purposes.

Delivering a holistic, integrated field service result, the solution includes a full electronic job card initiation, sign off as well as an electronic proof of delivery or service, utilising glass signature functionality.  This enables each technician to immediately generate an invoice once the task has been completed, on-site. They're now able to work online or offline, remotely or on-site, with the ability to service and issue an invoice in minutes.  The field service solution includes GPS SAT navigation, with the ability to conduct cycle counts, 24/7 live time visibility of accurate VAN stock quantities and generates accurate reports, at any given time.


Always available, always online and always accessible.


This advanced feature of Atajo ensures any captured data is never at risk due to loss in connectivity. Data is stored and automatically uploads once connectivity is restored.

The Result

Konica Minolta trains its field service technicians to the highest standards and provides each technician with a mobile inventory of select parts, thereby reducing the customer's downtime to an absolute minimum. The digital mobility solution provides the ability to for each technician to have a clear view of this VAN stock, whilst eliminates the laborious manual administration tasks, by automating all business operations, creates a paperless work flow and electronic document archive.

Technicians are able to complete tasks with more speed and accuracy on their hand held device, while at the customer or on the go, efficiently and accurately, saving valuable time. This increases both the customer's level of satisfaction and the technician's motivation.   The shift in automating Konica Minolta's business operations creates a collaborative work environment and effectively enhances the company's vision to deliver exceptional customer service. Now, Konica Minolta has a smart, competitive digital process that delivers valuable business insights. 

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