Peninsula Beverages Implement Digital Fast Process Sales Solution

Fully managed end-to-end customised sales force automation solution in the palm of your hand.

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​Executive Summary

Peninsula Beverages is the largest local bottler for the Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape, South Africa. Due to the fast distribution process and increasingly high demand in sales of the Coca-Cola products to a multitude of vendors, nationally, the company needed to create a fast, efficient mobile way of work, with live time management and asset visibility. Peninsula Beverages partnered with technology provider Britehouse Mobility, to implement a customised sales force solution, with a smart enterprise development platform, Atajo. 

Peninsula Beverages Overview

Established in 1940 with 10 employees, Peninsula Beverages now has a staff compliment of over 1,300 individuals and provides a wide range of Coca-Cola products to small, medium and large vendors across South Africa.   The company successfully supports retailers and traders with on-time deliveries, free signage, coolers, in-store advertising, promotions, and valuable business insights.

Business Challenge

Peninsula Beverages distributes thousands of Coca-Cola products daily, with 24 hour delivery cycles. To maintain on-time delivery, organised stock control and excellent customer service, where demand and the number of vendors constantly increases, the company highlighted ways to improve business efficiency.

The sales force and delivery team form an integral part of the company.   Taking this into consideration, Peninsula Beverages looked at enhancing core business processes from its sales force perspective.   In doing so, the company identified business challenges, especially those created by the manual paper based documentation and administration process.  Other challenges included lack of visibility of assets located in the field, human error and the need for sales teams to travel to and from the office daily, to return and capture documentation completed each day. The sales teams also experienced difficulties in establishing the exact location of vendors and retailers. Once on site at a client, aside from the required checks, deliveries and job tasks, sales teams were not able to address any new requirements a customer had, and were unable to view recently logged job tickets, hindering the response time. 

The process of capturing and uploading data manually, was often a laborious and slow administrative task which resulted in human error and duplication of data into SAP and  Another concern was the lack of visibility of its assets out in the field and the inability to constantly track and manage those assets.

Peninsula Beverages needed to optimise its infrastructure, without jeopardising existing software platforms and increase sales team productivity.

The Requirements

Peninsula Beverages required a solution that would mobilise the sales teams, eliminate the manual administration process and deliver accurate visibility of all assets.  The need to validate the exact location of each vendor and retailer also existed, as well as to gain valuable business insights, seamlessly, in a user-friendly and efficient way from one central point of contact.  

Peninsula Beverages uses SAP and but needed a fast-process, mobile and cost effective solution, with the ability to adapt and change in relation to the growth and changing needs of the business.

The Smart Solution

After analysing the business requirements, Britehouse Mobility developed a fully managed end-to-end customised sales force automation solution with complete GPS and asset verification functionality.  The solution automates Peninsula Beverage’s sales teams, enhances business operations with increased visibility, accuracy and control.  Incorporating onsite ordering of stock for vendors and retailers, the sales teams are able to capture all required data on hand held devices that automatically uploads into the backend system.

Further enhancements were developed to create a reliable job queue system with full offline capabilities, to ensure that no captured data is jeopardised due to loss in connectivity caused by unstable service provider networks.  Instead, this valuable data is stored and automatically uploaded when connectivity is restored.

Developed on the enterprise development platform, Atajo, the custom solution provides Peninsula Beverages with a comprehensive view of the organisation, increased visibility of its assets in the field, agility and smart asset verification, with enhanced live-time management and accurate reporting.

Great Results

Once implemented, Peninsula Beverages saw an increase in staff productivity and enhanced efficiencies in business operations. Customer satisfaction dramatically improved and the sales teams experienced increased productivity by being able to initiate, complete, log and  upload all captured data on a hand held device accurately, while on site or on the go, immediately. This eliminates the need to travel back to the office each day to complete manual, administrative tasks.

Utilising the smart GPS functionality, the sales teams plan and accurately map the best routes for the day, identify a vendor’s exact location and avoid duplicating routes. This saves valuable time and increases the speed at which the sales teams perform tasks.

The solution also enhances business operations by automating paper based processes, giving Peninsula Beverages a competitive edge by opting in and utilising a smart user friendly and stable enterprise mobility solution.

Atajo Platform

The solution is developed and built using the advanced technology of Atajo, a multipurpose development platform that interacts across an entire organisation to mobilise and automate business operations.  It enables improved operational productivity and enables organisations to expedite time-consuming manual administrative processes, while reducing costs by integrating a multitude of systems. Atajo's success in the market is due to seamless integration capabilities, secure connectivity, effective support structures and full end-to-end solution capabilities.

Business Benefits experienced by Peninsula Beverages:

  • Clear visibility of assets in the field.
  • GPS integration.
  • Thousands of rand's saved in document storage.
  • Visibility of sales teams whereabouts.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Expense and time reduction in administration and travel costs.
  • Ability to address a customer's need immediately, while on site, that increases customer satisfaction.
  • Data posted to both SAP and simultaneously.