Sasol - Worksmart

SharePoint Integration with SAP - Worksmart

WorkSmart was the first project to be developed in an iterative approach. This was decided due to the complexity and importance of the solution.

Company Profile

  • Sasol is listed on both the JSE as well as the NYSE.
  • Major shareholders include South African Government Employees Pension Fund, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC), Allan Gray Investment Counsel, Coronation Fund Managers, Investment Asset Managers
  • Sasol has over 34000 employees worldwide, 30000 of them are pc users.
  • The Gas to Liquids Refinery in Lake Charles is the largest foreign investment in Louisiana ever ($21b
  • Locally there are 4 major divisions – Mining , Gas, Synfuels and Oil. Internationally there are an additional 2 divisions – Synfuels International and Petroleum International. 
  • Merisol, Synfuels, Properties, Mafutha, Dorpsgebiede,New Energy, Petroleum International, Cobalt Catalyst Manufacturing, Group Services are all companies that have been incorporated into Sasol Chemical Industrie​s
Business Situation

​​Sasol required a system to that could integrate with SAP and provide a user friendly interface to manage reporting and rates to their financial users for the management of both local and international projects. There was a clear need to optimise resource time, align the Legal and Billing departments, improve on potential interest in the company cash flow, shorten time delays in recovering costs, and protect the liquidity status through better informed decision making. International tax filling is also a concern in terms of specialised knowledge and interpretation of various countries in which Sasol is commercially active.

Technical Situation

​The solution is being developed using SharePoint to enable search, generation of PDF documents, saving of documents and reports generation functionality. SharePoint is pulling information from the SAP system and a custom SQL database which was developed as part of the solution.

WorkSmart was the first project to be developed in an iterative approach. This was decided due to the complexity and importance of the solution. Working very closely with the business unit and project champion we are developing and expanding on the requirements as we go along. 

The reason for picking SharePoint for WorkSmart is based on the fact that SharePoint is more flexible than SAP and this would be the only way in which to move users off an excel worksheet. By doing this the human error element is being curbed. 
WorkSmart assists SasTech (Sasol) in having a more comprehensive view of the current contracts and projects in place. By providing an overall view of the status quo as well as the projected costs and resources required into the future (until completion). 

The system allows for projections and reconciliation to take place before finalising numbers in SAP. The system also works out the multicurrency scenarios of costing a project in Rands, converting to invoicing in US dollars and making /receiving payments in the local currency applicable. 

With a comprehensive view on projects a true win /loss perspective is reached and managed. 
Products & Services Used
​The following technologies will be employed:​
  • Microsoft Active Directory; 
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition;
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2, configured in integrated mode with SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 with ASP.NET 
  • SAP PI (Process Integration)
  • SAP ERP 
    • The solution will be developed in Visual Studio 2012.
    • The solution will support Internet Explorer browser version 8 and higher. 
​Services provided by other groups or companies
The WorkSmart solution was delivered by 3fifteen for the SharePoint and custom development portions of the project.