Britehouse launches Delphix Copy Data Engine.

​​Running on any server and any storage, this new software-only solution provides affordable, high-speed data protection, disaster recovery, and data archiving.

Britehouse, Africa's largest reseller of the market leading Delphix virtual data solutions, has launched the new Delphix Copy Data Engine in South Africa.

​​Running on any server and any storage, new software-only solution provides affordable, high-speed data protection, disaster recovery, and data archiving.

Since 2012, Britehouse has used Delphix's virtual database management solution, the Agile Data Platform, to help customers reduce database management risk and increase productivity each by a factor of five and reduce cost by a factor of 10.

Britehouse Director and database and technology specialist, Dr Manfred Hertenberger, says the addition of the Copy Data Engine to the Delphix solution suite positions organisations of any size to significantly reduce their storage requirements. The Copy Data Engine pricing is very affordable, lowering the barrier to entry significantly.

"Although the Copy Data Engine is primarily focused on making backup and disaster recovery more efficient, its broader ramifications are fundamental to competitive operation. Companies are increasingly struggling to complete more projects with shrinking budgets. Delphix is able to provide efficiencies that are not possible using traditional technologies.

"Because it reduces data sprawl, the Copy Data Engine prevents the escalation in demand for additional storage, server hardware, and IT resources that is driven by new applications, new instances and regulations for existing applications, greater need for analytics, as well as an overall increase in data.

"Organisations are copying progressively more documents, files, and other electronic data in multiple silo systems such as disaster recovery, business continuity, test, development, and backups. All these systems operate independently of one another yet perform essentially the same functions of copy, store, move, and restore. As a consequence of the repetition, storage requirements are growing exponentially.

"What the Copy Data Management Engine does is eliminate the need to make and move physical copies of enterprise data by creating shared virtual copies that can be provisioned and used on demand. This means that IT staff can manage data copies like any other data centre resource: by using flexible software instead of expensive, slow hardware."

For application development, Delphix's provision of access to fast, complete data enables on-time delivery of projects. By creating access to fresh, more flexible data for BI and analytics systems, it enables better decision-making. And for migration and consolidation projects, it accelerates data centre modernisation.

"Agility is the key to competitiveness in a digitised world, in which entire industries are vanishing as new, digitised versions of older products and services are taking over," Hertenberger says. "The traditional taxi industry, for instance, which used to rely on heavy assets like vehicles, has been superceded by Uber, which relies on the lighter asset of data to put drivers of their own vehicles in touch with passengers.

"So, for any organisation to be sustainable, it has to be able to manage its data more productively and at minimal cost. Delphix solutions lie at the heart of that ability, and we, at Britehouse, understand how to put Delphix to work for our customers.

"We customise our Delphix offering – through consultation, advisory services, and our hosting and virtualisation expertise and experience – to an organisation's specific needs, ensuring that their technology keeps them continuously relevant to their markets.

"In the process, we dramatically reduce their infrastructure footprint and database environment, slashing not only their total cost of ownership of their data, but of their technology overall."​