Britehouse one-of-a-kind SAP Division leads market with new business value offering

Restructure gives clients access to any combination of SAP implementation, support, hosting, cloud, and consulting services to ensure ongoing business value extraction from systems.

​​​​Britehouse continues its evolution of market-leading services through a restructuring of its specialist SAP Division, entailing much closer collaboration of the company's project implementation, virtual platforms (vPS), and Innovation, Outsourcing, and Support Services (IOSS) business units, along with the Britehouse Control Centre (BCC).​​

vPS is responsible for platform solutions overall and operates the Britehouse HANA Enterprise Cloud, an enterprise-class managed environment on which SAP customers can house their SAP HANA systems.​​

IOSS ensures clients optimise the business benefits they gain from their SAP systems during the RUN phase of the SAP life cycle.​​

As part of the IOSS business unit, the BCC is based on Solution Manager and staffed by top business process management specialists. It reduces an organisation's support and runnin​g costs by monitoring both its business and technical key criteria at all times and making pre-emptive recommendations for remediation of pain points.​​

​​The new division created through the integration of all these capabilities, known as Britehouse Services and Solutions for the SAP Software, is therefore positioned to provide a comprehensive stack of SAP-focused services, from the sale of software and project implementation to managed services that include proactive monitoring of client systems, hosting of client SAP instances, helping clients transition to SAP cloud services, and business process consulting that covers all aspects of a client's SAP operations.

​​"Both the market and SAP are changing," says Christo Pieters, Group Executive: Services and Solutions for the SAP System.

"Most large organisations are already running on SAP ERP solutions and frequently also have specialised elements such as CRM and BI. What they need to do now is extract additional value from their systems.​​

"At the same time, SAP products are becoming more cloud-based and more agile, in the sense of being rapidly deployable and needing far less configuration.​​

"Without insight into how SAP's products and broader disciplines such as cloud and mobility can and should mesh for business advantage, it is very difficult for organisations to make the most of what they have in place and plan sensibly for the future.​​

​​"We are able to help them do both because we possess an unusual combination of the necessary technology insight, unique facilities such as the BCC, a leading group of subject matter experts, and the best talent in business process optimisation."

Britehouse's new SAP offering is the only one of its kind available in Africa.​​

​​Although SAP consulting will form an integral part of the offering, Pieters says it will be focused on resolving organisations' operational pain points rather than creating new business strategies or models.

"For instance, through the BCC, where we monitor and analyse how an organisation's business processes are functioning, we are able to spot pain points and make recommendations for improvements – before they disrupt the business.

"Most often, this involves business process adjustments. Occasionally, it prompts a new implementation. Either way, it has a business impact.

"So, because we are up close and personal with a client's systems and data, and have a view both upwards, in terms of consulting, and downwards, from the perspective of hosting, of the SAP instance concerned we can help the organisation be proactive about continuous value extraction. We can put organisations in charge of their technology and, therefore, their business future."

Pieters takes over the reins at Britehouse Services and Solutions for the SAP System, having initiated and run Britehouse IOSS for five years.​