Merging of Britehouse and Dimension Data Oracle practice gives customers access to entrepreneurial edge

Britehouse Oracle becomes one of South Africa's largest Oracle services and solutions providers.

The acquisition by Dimension Data of applications, cloud, and mobility specialist, Britehouse, and the resulting merging of the Dimension Data Application Services (DDAS) division, including its Oracle practice, into Britehouse assures customers of forward-looking, integrated, and agile solutions.


"Customers now have an applications service provider run by applications-orientated people whose inherent strategy is to continuously improve customer sustainability," says Rudolph Horn, former head of Dimension Data's Oracle business and now head of Britehouse Oracle.


"Also, with an expanded team of 170 people, we can scale our offering even more effectively. And, because the combined team incorporates a much wider spectrum of skills and experience in most industry sectors, we can apply deeper and more integrated IP to innovating for customers.


"Most importantly, perhaps, we are committed to retaining the entrepreneurial approach for which Britehouse is known and which has been the cornerstone of the success of the three Oracle businesses Dimension Data acquired over the past two years.


"iFACTORY, Agile Business Solutions, and Xpedia, all now integrated into Britehouse Oracle, were successful businesses in their own right, run by extraordinarily talented and forward-thinking people. The culture fit with Britehouse, therefore, is unusually high and it's been gratifying to find a home under the Britehouse brand."


Donovan Lawrence, former head of Dimension Data Application Services and now chief operations officer (COO) of Britehouse, says the Britehouse DDAS merger has created a fully rounded offering for customers that would be difficult to find elsewhere.


"Britehouse has a digital division as well as an enterprise mobility specialisation that includes the country's only enterprise mobility platform, ATAJO. This means that we can help bring customers' digital, mobility, and Oracle needs together seamlessly and very affordably.

"At the same time, the Britehouse Business Control Centre (BCC), the only one of its kind in Africa, positions us to proactively monitor customer technology landscapes so as to improve their business processes and, therefore, their business performance on an ongoing basis.


"In other words, Oracle customers now have access to the country's top Oracle skills backed by the aggregated power of the Britehouse organisation. Behind that, of course, is the global best practice of Dimension Data's deep data centre and networking capabilities, which include the Dimension Data managed cloud platform.   "The options for Oracle customes have never been better."


The merger between DDAS and Britehouse is another step in the strong growth path on which Dimension Data's Oracle business and Britehouse have been for the past two years.


"Both companies have been acquiring organisations that could deepen their ability to add value for customers," Horn says. "Even with such expansion, they were still working at full capacity. Demand for top skills is high and will remain so for the foreseeable future.


"The merger allows us to apply our resources to customer projects more efficiently, by integrating IP and experience and targeting solutions much more tightly to specific customer needs. We'll actually be able to do more for customers together than we could individually."


Britehouse Oracle is a Global Oracle Platinum Partner. Its consultants are Oracle specialised and maintain representation at a range of events across the globe, including the Open World and Collaborate Conferences in the United States of America and at the South African Oracle User Group (SAOUG). The Britehouse team follows the certification tracks prescribed by Oracle Corporation and delivers training at Oracle University.