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So, you may have heard that Evolve is changing. It’s true!
We’ve listened to your feedback regarding possible areas of improvement for Evolve, and are proud to announce that -

Evolve 2.0 is indeed on its way.
Whilst we are talking to all of our customers about the changes to expect, we’d like to give you the inside track on some of these improvements, as they may affect you directly in your line of work.





Parts Stock Count
A brand new user interface, coupled with the latest in technology standards, will afford you great new benefits within your parts store.
We’re introducing:
  • Process efficiency through reducing the number of screens required to complete a stock count from 4 down to 1
  • An updatable data grid to input your count results, line for line, in an excel style manner;
  • "Audit Tracking" on Stock Counts now means that you can create multiple open counts over more than one bin location or warehouse;
  • Saving of your count criteria allows for the creation of re-usable count templates, offering you further process efficiency
  • Full Excel export functionality means hat enhanced data management and reporting functions are extended to you.


Needless to say, there are quite a few other cool things to come as well, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about these too!

Want to know more? Visit www.britehouse.co.za or email info@britehouse.co.za.




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Fresh new interface  |  Updatable Grid  |  Audit Tracking  |  New UI

Evolve Banner.jpg

As a provider of Dealer Management Systems to the motor industry for over 30 years and across 22 countries, we're proud of the fact that we don't rest on our hard-earned laurels. We provide our customers with the best solutions, supported with great service. Our commitment is a continuation of this ethos. Our latest news further entrench this message and it is with immense pride and excitement that we share this news with you!

We've listened! 

Most software products are subjected to constant improvement measures and often miss delivering REAL value to their business and users. We have gathered feedback supplied by you and ​are addressing these through a series of frequently repeated product releases, addressing the issues that are of most value to you, our customer.

Evolve 2.0 is coming! 

A brand new user interface, coupled with the latest technology and standards, will afford your dealers​hip staff significant productivity and performance gains, without the business interruptions typically associated with traditional product updates..

​For further information, kindly call +27(0)11 575 1800 or contact your respective your Account Manager​​​

  • Fresh new interface
  • |
  • Graphical Dashboards
  • |
  • Newly improved stock counts
  • |
  • Performance enhancements
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