Business Analytics

For any organisation, one of the most powerful ways of illuminating the future is business analytics. it is an area of high specialisation, of course.

​For any organisation, one of the most powerful ways of illuminating the future is business analytics. It is an area of high specialisation, of course. But SAP and other enterprise software solutions automate much of the basic work needed to collect and analyse your operations, form predictive models, identify and apply appropriate optimisation techniques, and then communicate them to the executive team, business partners, and customers.

The reason for automation is the iterative nature of the business analytics process. Today’s operations become yesterday’s statistics – every day. At the same time, markets and business models change – every day. It is essential, therefore, to continuously re-examine what you’ve been doing in the business in order to plan its future more precisely and effectively. To be truly effective, however, the investigation must be carried out methodically, imposing structure and logic on what would otherwise be an erratic process. It is necessary, therefore, to have not only the right systems and technology but an implementation partner who makes the effort to understand your business and apply the technology in ways that will best illuminate your future.

For more than a decade, Britehouse has participated in the evolution of data warehousing, enterprise information management, and business intelligence into the overarching discipline, today, of business analytics. We have a rare depth in the full set of SAP analytics and complementary products and services, enabling your organisation to use information to adapt and, where necessary, re-align operations for competitive advantage.

Our solutions are built on: Our solutions are integrated and aligned with global best practice. We therefore enable your business analytics systems to deliver a continuous stream of value-added capabilities geared to optimise and capitalise on your corporate information.

  • Business Intelligence with SAP Business Objects products.
  • Advanced Analytics including SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP Infinite Insight (previously KXEN).
  • Enterprise Performance Management using SAP Business Planning & Consolidation and SAP Strategy Management.
  • Data Warehousing using SAP HANA, SAP Netweaver BW and Sybase IQ.
  • Enterprise Information Management using SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Master Data Governance.
SAP Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI)

Even though it is only one of the components of business analytics, business intelligence (BI) itself consists of multiple disciplines, among them data mining, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting. Each of these must be set up and executed in such a way as to transform raw data into meaningful information on which operational and strategic business decisions can be made with confidence. To be truly effective, business intelligence must deliver information in an actionable format.

We therefore focus on identifying for you the key components of a BI strategy that will achieve this for your organisation. Our process involves:

  • Understanding your business strategies and objectives
  • Monitoring your internal business performance, as well as external industry and economic trends
  • Identifying business opportunities and needs
  • Balancing opportunities against available capital, enterprise resources, and risk/reward ratios (aka ROI)
  • Deploying appropriate business intelligence and advanced analytic capabilities to confirm and/or capitalise on selected opportunities.

We then structure the implementation of each BI project using key factors that include the ability to:

  • Gain executive support
  • Foster an IT-business partnership
  • Promote relevance
  • Choose appropriate tools
  • Ensure a solid data foundation
  • Measure success.

We guide execution using an implementation methodology that is formalised but can also be tailored to be more incremental or agile during the build and deploy phases. We also use Rapid Deployment Solutions to provide quick time to value with a set scope of content that enables future development.

Analytics Implementation Framework

Enterprise Performance Management

A performance management system must pay for itself by advancing strategy or driving value creation. It does this best by closing the gap between strategy and operational execution, cascading corporate goals down into department-specific metrics, ensuring accountability, enabling intuitive modelling, monitoring and analysis, and streamlining execution of strategy-guided financial and operational plans. It should ease the process of financial consolidation and reporting. And, in the process, it should translate organisational information into actionable items for finance departments.

To ensure these outcomes for you, we focus on enabling you to increase organisational alignment and agility, make better decisions that drive ​profitability, and deliver a faster, more reliable close to disclose process.

We achieve this by working with you to set and then translate strategy into plans, budgets, and forecasts that will drive consistent execution of the strategy. We help you link goals, metrics, and plans across the organisation so that you can adjust rapidly in order to seize opportunities or mitigate risks.

We position you to analyse performance and model – and optimise – profitability. The objective is for you to easily access information that helps you better understand your business and, as a result, be able to act quickly and confidently to increase profitability across products, customers, and channels.

We also ensure that, through automation, integration, and standardisation, you can much more efficiently prepare consolidated financial statements for management and regulatory purposes, comply with evolving accounting standards, and disclose financial data to internal and external stakeholders.

To do all this, we use SAP EPM products, such as SAP Business Objects BI, that run on SAP Netweaver BW and HANA technology.

SAP Netweaver BW has advanced planning capabilities that can be integrated with the latest version of SAP BPC.

Apart from enabling significantly enhanced performance, SAP HANA provides additional advanced analytics via its embedded Predictive Analytics Library.

Using SAP Business Objects BI products, we can access content from either platform, allowing us to extend the platforms’ reporting and dashboarding capabilities and integrate the content with the rest of your BI content.

Data Warehousing \ Analytics Platform

Illuminating the future has become significantly easier with the revolution by SAP of data warehousing with SAP HANA in-memory technology. There are still many Britehouse customers who used SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW) for data warehousing solutions, sometimes integrated into Corporate Enterprise Data Warehouses. However, using SAP HANA and the SAP Real-time Data platform, we are extending our solution design beyond standard, tactical operational requirements to include Big Data and advanced analytics to provide strategic and forward-looking information.

With the SAP real-time platform we deliver:

In-memory and real-time capabilities delivered by SAP HANA Deep integration with Sybase database products EIM Solutions for data movement, data integration, data quality and data governance EIM solutions for seamless modelling, universal orchestration, and a common metadata repository.

SAP Real-Time Data Platform

​Enterprise Information Management

One of the reasons we excel at digital futurology is that we understand that no technology is independent of any others. In fact, the better technologies interact and function symbiotically, the more you gain as an organisation.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is no exception. It should be about “getting clean” and “staying clean”. With every new SAP implementation, the data migration process represents an opportunity to cleanse your data. We use the SAP Data Migration Framework to ensure that data is loaded into an SAP environment according to best practices and is transformed through cleansing into a data foundation that services the requirements of the business processes modelled within the ECC platform.

We then focus on ensuring that the quality of the data is monitored and the appropriate governance framework is put into place to ensure that organisational data stays clean. We use technologies such as SAP Information Steward, SAP Master Data Governance and SAP Master Data Management to assist with the monitoring, controls, and workflows needed to manage corporate data on an on-going basis.

Our solutions:

  • Empower business users to own and manage their data by providing innovative business-centric information stewardship solutions.
  • Govern your data within and between applications used across the business.
  • Improve confidence in decision making through complete and accurate information.

Our EIM solutions can also help maximise your return on Big Data. They help you:

  • Access and integrate – and combine - data of any scale from any data source, giving you contextual insight that is difficult to obtain otherwise
  • Gain insight from new types of information (documents, social media, streaming events, GPS data, etc.)
  • Govern the quality of Big Data at the point of entry (with applications, data stores, Hadoop files systems, etc.)
Enterprise Information Management Framework