Change Management

You can deploy our services on an enterprise wide basis, in support of a single strategic project, or on the back of an internal organisational change.

​​​​Britehouse Change Management gives you choices. You can deploy our services on an enterprise wide basis, in support of a single strategic project, or on the back of an internal organisational change. And, you have the option of using us to help you build an internal change capability or outsourcing your change competence to our team.

Whichever option you select, you benefit from:

  • Timely benefits realisation
  • Improved decision making
  • Stable employee productivity
  • Employee performance improvements
  • Strengthened dynamic and adaptive organisational responses to change
  • Effective capability transfer between our skilled resources and those members of your team partnering with us on change.

Britehouse has been directly involved with the evolution of technology into its current form as an enterprise enabler and driver of value in the hands of the people that use it. As part of that progressively more digital journey, we have actively driven the evolution of our change management approach to enable organisations and their employees to optimally exploit the technology they have at their disposal to their benefit.

Now, as digitisation becomes the norm and consumer-driven technology preferences trigger new approaches to the way organisations apply technology and how people interact with it, the management of that shift has become increasingly complex.

Our experience has proved that a proactive and systematic approach is the most effective way to address the complexity and to influence the human and organisational variables towards the desired outcome. In other words, a considered approach is the best way to illuminate the future.

For this reason, Britehouse Change Management teams guide you in the development and deployment of a planned, proven, and holistic change process that is inclusive of the skills, mind-sets, style, culture, and norms of those people who are impacted by the intended change as well as those responsible for making it happen.

We root our approach in your organisational strategy, processes, and structure – and we measure the results.

Our solution takes into account tactical, transactional, and strategic processes across the functional domains of the organisational environment. By actively managing responses to the intended change, we ensure improvements to choice, quality, cost, and responsiveness and, therefore, bottom line value to your organisation.

Our change practitioners use tried and tested models that are continuously updated with lessons learned, and are aimed at optimising acceptance of and maximising readiness for your specific change initiatives.

We concentrate on three main target audiences:

  • Leadership
  • Project teams
  • Impacted stakeholders.

Communication is a key lever in our toolkit, which contains numerous sample deliverables, templates, and key accelerators. Change Trackers gather actionable change intelligence to measure true change impact and value.

Our methodology has proven repeatedly that where leaders actively embody the desired future state, they directly impact the success of the change initiative. They create an organisational architecture and culture that powerfully motivates employees to engage effectively with the intended new world of work, new skills and new knowledge. This aligns not just stakeholders’ thoughts but their feelings and actions with the desired outcome, success, and what’s next.

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