Customer Engagement

As the first company in africa to sign the sap c4c cloud partner addendum, britehouse is able to sell and implement sap’s crm software as a service solution across the continent.

​​​​​​What the Britehouse difference gives you

As the first company in Africa to sign the SAP C4C cloud partner addendum, Britehouse is able to sell and implement SAP’s CRM Software as a Service solution across the continent. We complement this capability with our strong business analytics, mobile, and digital marketing skills. These capabilities together with our integration skills in both SAP and Microsoft technology platforms give you a holistic CRM solution.

You don’t need technology futurologists like us to tell you that the nature of customer engagement has changed. The days of one-dimensional relationships with customers, managed via a call centre, email, or a direct face-to-face engagement at a company outlet, are gone. The reason you’re looking at this page is because you want a multi-dimensional, multi-channel, interactive relationship with your customers – underpinned by digital marketing, social marketing analytics. Because that’s the kind of CRM that enables you to maintain or gain market share, build a brand, and influence market trends. Specifically, it is the only way to give your customer the kind of experience that will bring him back for more – and cause him to introduce his friends and family to your products and services.

You also know that achieving this holistic relationship is impossible without customer relationship management (CRM) technology because tailoring your service to a customer’s expectations means knowing what those expectations are. And that means having and analysing data about each and every one of your customers.

It also means getting information on sales, service, logistics, ecommerce, social, and marketing events to relevant stakeholders timeously – so that you can get the right product to the right customer at the right time.

You then need to know how your customers feel about your service delivery so that you can optimise engagements with them progressively more over time.

So, you know what you want your CRM to do for your organisation. What we know is how to make what you want happen. And, if relevant, to show you options for CRM that you may not have considered.

We’re able to do this because we have specialist competencies in digital marketing, social monitoring, and analytics that ensure that you get an integrated and holistic CRM business solution.

Customer Service


CRM and social media

Together, the Internet and social media channels have altered what customers need from you. One-way communication, from the organisation to the customer, has become counter-productive. Customers want to talk back or, at least, ask questions. Many of those questions are complex because, thanks to the Internet and social media, customers can find answers to simple questions themselves.

So, your relationship with customers has to be founded on the ability to answer difficult questions, on a public platform, away from the privacy of a one-on-one channel such as email or the phone. In other words, your conversations with clients have become one-to-many rather than one-to-one, and the ‘many’ include people who are not currently your customers. To retain customer loyalty, you need to be able to structure your customer conversations around their preferred social media groupings and their preferred topics - and sustain the conversations over time. Collaboration, openness, and visibility are the new foundations for providing a positive customer experience of your brand.

Our ability to enable you build such foundations is rooted in the deep experience in a number of Britehouse divisions in applying CRM technology optimally, helping you link leads, opportunities, accounts, and service tickets to groupings for the time it takes to close or resolve a campaign. We can help you integrate your campaigns into Facebook, Twitter, and In-store portals as well as telephony solutions. And, we can position you to use email to generate service requests, communicating in a bi-directional manner.

CRM Platforms

Within the Britehouse SAP division, we specialise in SAP’s two customer engagement solutions: the traditional On Premise SAP CRM and the CRM Software as a Service (SaaS) solution called Cloud4Customer (C4C). You choose the product, we optimise it for you.

Engage Customers

​SAP has bolstered the ability of both its CRM offerings to target specific customers and specific times by using the Predictive Analytics layer sitting on SAP’s In-memory database platform, HANA.

In terms of the CRM SaaS option, you gain significantly by its being a standalone solution that is supportive of an ERP solution. The key driver of CRM is excellence in customer experience. The driver of ERP is fulfillment and operational efficiency So, an SaaS option removes the burden placed by pre-sales and customer services requirements on an organisation’s main transactional and financial systems.


The SAP C4C system has specific processes around customer engagement, particularly in the realms of sales, marketing, service management, and, increasingly, in activites that exploit social interaction platforms.

It can be implemented as a standalone system or give you the benefits of integration with your ERP systems, with which it shares certain master data objects (i.e. customers, products, organisation models, and pricing).

Its software development kit (SDK) enables quarterly updating of the system. If your requirements exceed the scope of the solution and are too urgent for the next release of such functionality, Britehouse will use C4C’s open API architecture to develop an application for embedding into C4C. We also use this technology to integrate Facebook and Twitter with C4C.

The programming languages used in the C4C SDK, Eclipse (a java tool) and HTML 5, eliminate the need for expensive ABAP programmers to customise a core object, as is the case in On Premise CRM. With C4C, you simply adapt central objects in the application. This makes the application incredibly malleable. Be aware, though, that adding more developments to the application core does create complexity.