Education and Content Development

We design and execute technology solutions. so, we have first hand understanding of what users need to be taught and how best to teach it to them.

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What the Britehouse difference gives you

We design and execute technology solutions. So, we have first hand understanding of what users need to be taught and how best to teach it to them. With Britehouse, you get:

  • Training that goes beyond pure transaction content to include business and process context
  • Understand by users of the impact of transaction processing in an integrated system environment
  • Sustainability and reduced cost through end user training guides and quick reference guides that are automatically generated from simulations
  • Detailed, step-by-step training material for all transactions and user manuals that include policies, procedures, guidelines, and processes.

The question is never whether or not to train users but how best to do it, particularly in a business world that is becoming digitised and in which users are often more technology savvy than the organisations for which they work.

So, you need a content development and training partner who understands how to use the digital milieu to give you users who can pro-actively help your organisation function in a digitised market, regardless of how digitised your own organisation is currently.

In other words, you need a partner who can take user training beyond the usual formula-based approach to empowering and motivating your users to contribute to the organisation you want to be, now and in the future.

Your partner therefore needs to have an inclusive and comprehensive approach along with the skill and insight to look down the line on your behalf and make sure that your users can contribute to the achievement of your business strategy.

Obviously, at Britehouse, we do the basics that must underpin all training.


  • Develop training material for different levels of end users, super users, and in-house trainers
  • Undertake training delivery either to end users or to an internal customer group of in-house trainers
  • Develop end user training and reference material with new hires in mind, to ensure complete, end-to-end, process driven training.
  • In addition, we develop content that is scenario and decision-tree based, with appropriate story lines that can be localised according to regions.

It’s in our content development methodology and delivery that we take training to exceptional levels.

Content development methodology


  • Develop a business and project background
  • Drill down to business processes
  • Describe the enabling system’s role within the context of the business, the project, and processes
  • Delineate system functionality in terms of step by step procedures. Transactions are simulated and recorded and linked to the various steps / tasks within the business processes
  • Publish lessons and courses to suit the audience, whether in the form of business units, individuals, roles, or job categories.

Content development tool

For content creation, simulation and recording of eLearning, we use:

  • SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) Producer. It allows for recording, editing, and deploying of content that includes simulations, help documentation, rapid e-Learning, and test scripts. 1 x WPB Producer copy is recommended for every 500 end users
  • SAP WPB Manager. This provides highly customisable content authoring workflows and collaboration, project management, and reporting. It provides integration with Solution Manager without an additional adapter. It also provides basic learning management, producing detailed reports on the results of courses taken and completed. Every end user needs a WPB Enterprise License
  • WPB Navigator- provides field level context-sensitive help, including automated data entry and suggestions for field values. End users do not have to request help from Navigator, since the content is pushed to them automatically.

Training delivery methodology

Our preferred training delivery is based on training in-house trainers, where

  • We formally train, up-skill, and transfer knowledge (including authentic SAP training) to an identified group of in-house trainers
  • We train in-house trainers on the WPB tools. This confers training post go-live sustainability because in-house trainers are able to edit, change, and maintain material in-house
  • In-house trainers attend sessions covering train-the-SAP-trainers, orientation for training delivery, as well as sessions covering all content that they will deliver to end users.