By creating an enterprise-class managed environment on which you can house your sap hana environment, we have lowered barriers to entry to hana.

​What the Britehouse difference gives you

By creating an enterprise-class managed environment on which you can house your SAP HANA environment, we have lowered barriers to entry to HANA. And, by providing flexible short and long term opex options, we enable organisations to gain all the business and operational benefits conferred by SAP HANA while avoiding the infrastructure, technology, and human resource cost of running it inhouse.

So, we enable you to be more competitive by:

  • Saving money
  • Being less dependent on key staff
  • Reducing risk
  • Becoming more efficient and agile.

As the technology landscape becomes progressively more enriched with intuitive, innovative, and virtual options, so effective management of those options becomes both more urgent and more complex.

At Britehouse, we believe it’s our job to simplify your use of technology, so that you can get maximum benefit with minimum effort and cost.

So, we created the Britehouse HANA Enterprise Cloud - providing infrastructure and managed services, including onsite and offsite backup as well as comprehensive data recovery, on a monthly subscription basis.

The platform is ideally suited for complex landscapes and mission critical applications such as SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse.

It enables:

  • The building, extension, and operation in the cloud of next-generation applications on SAP HANA
  • Rapid deployment of SAP HANA licenses and/or apps without hardware investment.

Strategically, the Britehouse HANA platform:

  • Future proofs your organisation because the platform is compliant with SAP global best practice and certification.
  • Savs you money and streamlines your operations because it provides a consolidated administration system.
  • Provides support throughout your environment because it is a high performance, highly scalable system.
  • Cuts costs and increases visibility because of its high intelligence resulting from real-time analytics and monitoring of all workload states.
  • Puts you in charge of your technology because its built-in controls and service lelves.
  • Serves your business needs because its infrastructure services allow you to aggregate and allocate server, storage, and network resources on demand, based on business priority.
  • Increases your options because it simplifies the onboarding process for additional companies or business units.
  • Protects your data and business processes because it includes, in a Production and Development instance, the disaster recovery solution for SAP and HANA Production (PRD) systems.
  • Makes you agile because it runs on multiple nodes to allow failovers and high availability.
  • Operationally, the Britehouse Cloud:

    • Ensures the highest possible reliability for both network connectivity and mains supply power because it runs on our Internet data centre.
    • Ensures a world class end user experience because our Managed Virtual Hosting infrastructure is deployed on a gigabit network.
    • Provides comprehensive environmental monitoring because of our cutting edge security camera technology.
    • Gives you 24x7x365 access to our highly skilled engineers.
    • Gives you maximum availability and stability because of our exceptional server management and engineering support levels.
    • Enables us to install a virtual machine for you in seconds, because operating system templates are always available on our physical server.
    • Provides you with significant power savings and the means to be greener because using our servers rather than adding to your own lowers your energy consumption and thefore your carbon footprint.
    • Enhances your backup and restore capabilities because our system is so sophisticated that a snapshot of an entire virtual machine still enables a file level restore.

    Britehouse HANA Enterprise Platform architecture

    What the Britehouse difference gives you

    Because our solution is on par, in terms of infrastructure, orchestration, and management capabilities and standards, with the SAP HEC platform delivered by SAP to customers, we are able to provide and manage the hardware, virtual environment, and high availability components for individual customer’s HANA requirements.

    Our platform hardware is based on Cisco’s reference architecture. We use a cell based design:

    • Each cell contains Compute, Network and Storage
    • Each cell has the option of virtualised or bare-metal (single node and scale-out) HANA instances
    • Each cell can scale from 128GB to up to 20 TB per single SID

    We use a consistent, scalable management layer to accommodate orchestration and infrastructure lifecycle management.
    We use a non-blocking, fully dedicated, and scalable design for LAN and SAN, whether on a physical or virtual infrastructure.
    We ensure tenant isolation at every layer for control and data plane.
    We ensure consistency in architecture, design, components, and manageability for deploying SAP applications on cloud alongside HANA.

    Britehouse HANA Enterprise Cloud Platform key facts:

    • Platform: SAP HANA Cloud
    • Operating system: OS Type: Windows
    • Database system: HANA
    • Attended operating hours: Monday-Friday 7:00-19:00 CET
    • Unattended operating hours: PRIO 1 support covered
    • HANA QA is 70% of PRD and DEV is 30%
    • DEV and QA act as DR. So in a disaster, DEV and QA will not be available
    • Availability for the productive SAP instances: 99,5 % p.m.
    • Maximum unplanned downtime for productive system: 4 hours