Human Capital Management

We’ve made a point of building an extremely rare combination of deep specialisation in human capital management (hcm) consulting with an equally deep expertise in human resources as a standalone discipline that impacts every aspect of every organisation.

Employee Lifecycle

Whether OnPremise, Cloud, or as a service Britehouse provides Human Capital Management solutions that fulfil every phase of the employee lifecycle. Managing employees from when they first fill out an application or submit a resume, to managing them on a day to day basis, and finally preparing the employee to exit the organization.

Retain the best talent with the best human resource management software

Develop a people-centric organisation with help from our comprehensive human resource management software solutions - designed for all sizes of businesses. Run better with unified HCM solutions - on premise, in the cloud or using a combination of the two.

Automate and improve HR systems

Boost efficiency and improve service delivery by automating your HCM operations. Whether it’s through your core processes and data, self- services or shared services, our human resource management software can help you significantly improve employee productivity as well as data integrity.

Identify, develop and motivate your team

Manage talent across your enterprise - and help your employees realise their full potential - with end-to-end talent management processes and tools. Get insight into workforce performance and potential and quickly take appropriate measures to close any talent or skill gaps.

Fast and easy human resource management solutions

Bring speed and predictability to your implementation with preconfigured software and services, or both - at a fixed scope, timeline and price.

Get up and running quickly

Benefit from a low cost of implementation and quick time to value.

Choose between on-premise, cloud or hybrid delivery models.

Deploy in as little as 12 weeks

Get up and running quickly - with a preconfigured fixed-scope edition of our Human Resource Management software. This rapid deployment solution streamlines the implementation process, bringing together software, best practices and services.


Britehouse: Laying Solid Bedrock for Talent Management with SAP® SuccessFactors® Performance & Goals

More and more relationships these days - personal and business - begin online. People usually spend time with a brand digitally before they decide to interact with it physically. Many South African companies rely on the people and expertise of Britehouse to gain that digital knowledge, which helps them make smart purchasing decisions that result in superior IT and operations.

The acquisition of seven smaller companies helped Britehouse grow more than 30%. The growth also created a confusing array of HR policies and tools, most of them paper based. Colleagues serving on a single team often fell under different onboarding, leave, maternity, travel, and bonus policies. With the SAP® SuccessFactors® Performance & Goals solution, Britehouse turned that legacy into a consistent set of automated HR policies. It then devoted the time saved by automated performance management to serving clients, identifying topemployees for the client-facing roles, and planning stellar careers for its staff.


  • Simplify HR policies and procedures
  • Reduce organisational complexity and build one corporate culture
  • Create a strong foundation for managing talent and planning succession
  • Turn HR from a backseat administrative function into a leading strategic partner


Automated performance management

Why SuccessFactors, an SAP company

  • Highly social, interactive solution that empowers employees and managers to adjust their goals throughout the year and drive their careers
  • Agile, scalable software platform that can handle future HR change


Less time required to complete performance cycle


Implemented software to support one fully automated performance management process for the entire company based on the SAP® SuccessFactors® Performance & Goals solution


Of goals captured in solution


  • Highly focused performance discussions based on robust data
  • Simplified regulatory reporting and compliance thanks to transparent data
  • More time for value-adding tasks due to less time required for routine performance management tasks
  • Creation of institutional memory of performance, eliminating the need torely on short-term memory
  • Important qualitative feedback on employee performance and potential, thanks to 360-degree view of employee


Performance and reward decisions

"Everyone can attract superstars to their company. But to keep and manage their development, you need robust HR software. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals gives us an additonal layer of information to identify our best people."

Themba Chakela, General Manager, Group Organizational Effectiveness, Britehouse

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