Solution Manager

The support element of our innovation, outsourcing, and support services (ioss) offering is both comprehensive and integrated.

​The support element of our Innovation, Outsourcing, and Support Services (IOSS) offering is both comprehensive and integrated. You get a shopping list of individual services from which you can choose those which suit your organisation’s needs at any given moment. But, all the components of our support offering also interwork with one another so that, should you choose to take the entire support package, you gain a level of IT services management that has a coherence that would be extremely difficult for your organisation to achieve on its own.

Why is this coherence valuable to you? Because it positions you to innovate and optimise your IT organisation and the business processes it supports progressively more efficiently and cost-effectively.

IT Service Management (ITSM)
Our ITSM option gives you access to a fully configured, ITIL-compliant helpdesk system that allows you to manage incidents and problems from the time they are logged all the way through to resolution and sign-off.

Change Request Management (ChaRM)
Because our IOSS offering is based on SAP Solution Manager, we are able to offer you the ChaRM framework, allowing you to assign actions and consistency checks to a user status to ensure that they are executed. Copying the standard transaction types to the customer namespace automatically copies all the related actions and checks

Grouping changes together in this way into Solution Manager Projects extends your TMS functionality. All transports are moved together into QA, their integration and regression are tested as a whole, and they are then moved collectively into Production.

Business Process Monitoring (BPMon)
We have the specialists and the technology to undertake pro-active monitoring, supervision, and alerting of mission critical business processes.

Reverse Business Process Documentation
We provide centralised documentation for IT-supported business processes along with technical information about SAP and non-SAP solutions. This enables transparency and, as a consequence, efficient collaboration.

Test Management
Our test management methodology and approach enables functional scenario integration and technical system tests of SAP-centric solutions.

We use Solution Manager’s unmatched power and flexibility to enable your organisation to create, edit, deploy, and track context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, simulations, test scripts. In the process, we accelerate e-learning.

Technical Monitoring
This facility, using Abap and Java stacks, allows us to pro-actively monitor and report on the technical status of your IT environment.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
We can provide end to end root cause analysis across different technologies.

IT Infrastructure Management (ITIM)
You don’t have to start off big. With ITIM we can help you pace your expansion of Solution Manager until you eventually achieve pro-active monitoring and alerting for your entire IT infrastructure.