SAP® Support & Innovation

Our Innovation Outsourcing and Support Services (IOSS) division is designed to close the loop: helping you innovate for optimised operations – and then optimising on your innovation.

​Combining Support with Innovation
At Britehouse, we firmly believe that support and innovation go hand-in-hand. By incorporating cutting edge innovation with the support services we offer our client, we put you in the best position to allow for optimised business processes and reduction of your operating costs.

Our Innovation Outsourcing and Support Services (IOSS) division is designed to close the loop: helping you innovate for optimised operations – and then optimising on your innovation.

If you choose to fully outsource your IT support to Britehouse IOSS, then you can simply put your mind at ease knowing that innovation and optimisation areas are being proactively run and managed- that’s what we do in our Britehouse Control Centre all the time - for not only our our own systems but those of our clients as well.

Experienced consulting base
As our clients based in South Africa, the United States and Africa can attest, we set the benchmark standard within SAP Support. With over 120 support consultants in our stable, based at our support hub in Centurion, they are heavily weighted towards K5 and K6 and are able to quickly resolve complex situations.There is no support question we can’t answer and no service we cannot provide.

As part of the NTT group, we also have access to more than 4 500 of the world’s top SAP consultants.

The core elements of our support offering, managed via our helpdesk environment, comprise Incident Management, Innovation and Optimisation projects, Business Process Optimisation, Partner Centre of Excellence (PCOE), and Solution Manager.


Incident Management – The Points Model
To give clients ultimate flexibility and the best possible value, we’ve switched from the' Time and Material' model to a 'Fixed Price per Incident ' model. Our consultants are incentivised to be efficient ensuring that our customer doesn't run the risk of paying for delays in resolving calls.

Innovation and Optimisation
We combine our applied innovation to our support activities in order to optimise your business processes, enhancing your data integrity and in turn reducing our call volumes.

In addition to this, we use monitored trend analysis to identify and address your problem areas and, thereby, continuously reviewing and proactively attending to issues.

Business Process Optimisation
Because Continuous Business and System Improvement (CBI) is such an important component of the SAP support offering, we make it an important performance criterion for our all our consultants.

PCOE (Partner Centre of Expertise) Certification
As an SAP VAR Partner, Britehouse is certified as a PCOE (Partner Centre of Expertise). This enables us to provide VAR delivered support to clients who are not receiving support directly from SAP. To more effectively manage calls in our PCOE environment, we have implemented the Service Desk component of Solution Manager Enterprise Edition - and recommend it to all our clients.

Full Support Outsource Offering
For clients that choose to outsource their support teams to Britehouse, we take over SAP support levels 1, 2, and 3.

To provide a cost effective and secure outsource of business processes, we give you the benefit of the outcomes of business re-engineered and aligned processes in which we have been involved, plus the outcomes of solutions documented on Solution Manager. Therefore allowing you to tap into our two decades of project and industry-specific experience united with SAP global Best Practice.

Customer Loyalty
We are proud that clients choose stay with us because we continuously add value to their business.

We construct SLA's that are agreed on and reviewed regularly, providing peace of mind via our auditable processes, KPIs,and transactions set against an agreed governance structure.

We use the latest technology, with SAP Solution Manager at the core of our technology stack. This gives us the means to re-align and structure business processes by:

  • Controlling processes
  • Supporting processes
  • Hosting a client’s technology landscape
  • Managing a client’s intellectual property in a secure and governable manner.

Our ability to best support, innovate and optimise business processes in turn become your very own competitive edge.