Optimisation and Support Services

We believe there is every reason for our customers to be able to access innovation on opex rather than a costly project basis.

​​​What the Britehouse difference gives you

We focus our innovation, outsourcing, and support services (IOSS) on optmising the business benefit you get from your SAP systems during the RUN phase of the SAP lifecycle.

Our investment and knowledge gained over years, together with our close, strategic relationship with SAP in both South Africa and Germany, ensures that risk mitigation, access to the latest technology, and senior SAP consultants work seamlessly together to enable you to optimise your return on investment in your SAP systems.

Better yet, our services are offered on a fixed price model linked to​ service level agreements.

As technology futurologists whose job it is to illuminate not just the future of technology but the best way in which an organisation can reach its full potential and maintain that momentum, we focus on enabling our customers’ businesses to keep running better.

This has been a key differentiator for Britehouse since inception, but as the markets head towards digitisation, our abilities have also become a differentiator for our customers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of innovation and support and in the increasing trend towards outsourcing.

Clearly, the process of enabling organisations to remain sustainable starts with consulting, design and planning, and continues into implementation. However, true continuous performance improvement is possible only during the run phase of any implementation, because that’s when ongoing refinement of processes can be done and relentless extraction of additional value can be undertaken.

But, achieving this calls for high specialisation in business process management, relevant technologies, and facilities that give the customer the benefit of economies of scale.

We believe there is every reason for our customers to be able to access innovation on opex rather than a costly project basis.

So, we’ve invested in the specialists, the technologies, and the facilities that enable you at least cost to keep getting better at what you do.

Comprehensive, coherent support
Britehouse IOSS covers all the components needed for a complete, comprehensive innovation and support solution. All components are delivered, either individually or combined to form specific solutions to specific requirements, via our Business Control Center (BCC).

Britehouse is excellence
The Britehouse Control Centre is a Center of Excellence (CoE). In other words, we go beyond the traditional approach of simply delivering SAP functional resources from the CoE.

So, we have built an SAP Operational Control Center (OCC), which is based on Solution Manager’s approach of running SAP like a factory, into our Business Control Center (BCC). In other words, the BCC actually forms an essential part of the CoE. With its video wall, it allows us to monitor both business and technical key criteria at all times while reducing your SAP support and running costs and minimising your risk.

The level of visibility (coupled with alerts) that the BCC gives us into the status of business processes, IT landscapes and technology, and user experience, positions us to take a pro-active rather than the traditional reactive approach to both innovation and support. So, we are able to continuously identify and resolve pain points in your business or improve processes that would prohibit the pain points from reoccurring.

In addition, the BCC enables us to:

  • Improve the stability of your SAP environment
  • Reduce technical errors
  • Alert you when business process KPIs are breached
  • Analyse trends and age of important KPI’s
  • Give your users a positive SAP experience
  • Manage knowledge across the board.