FMCG SAP Template

  • ​​Ready-made FMCG SAP template
  • Rapid deployment for accelerated control, visibility and standardistation
  • Cost effective and supports all core business processes
  • Ideal for emerging markets
  • Designed and built upon international bottling experience
  • Solutions hosted in world class data center
  • Deployment standardized and leveraging internal capability

The Dataflo FMCG SAP template is built using its extensive experience within the bottling industry, and can be tailored to any FMCG environment. ​

With a pre-determined template, SAP can be rapidly deployed within an organisation to reduce time and money spent blueprinting business processes.

The key benefit of the SAP template designed for the FMCG industry such as food and beverage is the standardisation of processes, low cost, rapid deployment and tight warehouse control.