SAP Mobility Solutions

More than 20,000 businesses have deployed SAP Mobile Solutions.

​Mobile solutions for small and medium businesses
Are you looking for mobile solutions for business? Enabling mobile across your business unleashes innovation.

The mobile revolution is well under way as mobile devices and apps have become must- haves in the workplace and are even replacing the enterprise desktop. Consumers are choosing smartphones and tablets over laptops and desktops in their personal lives, and they want to enjoy the convenience and power of these same mobile devices while working.

Of the world’s population, 87% have a mobile phone and they like to use them. At the current usage rate, the mobile internet will surpass the desktop internet usage by 2014.

According to SMB Group Inc., adopting enterprise mobility:

  • Improves employee productivity (59%)
  • Provides better access to people and information (58%)
  • Enables employees to work anytime, anywhere (57%)
  • Speeds response times for customers, partners and suppliers (51%)
  • Helps grow revenue (41%)
  • Enables customer self-service (41%)

Integrated mobile solutions for business
Realise the benefits of business mobility with integrated mobile solutions for business available from SAP and Britehouse. More than 20,000 businesses have deployed SAP Mobile Solutions. These companies are mobile success stories because they chose an integrated, end-to-end approach that adapts to their business needs.

Get your business mobility software up and running quickly
Benefit from a low cost of implementation and quick time to value.

Choose between on-premise, ​cloud or appliance delivery modules.

Go live in as little as 12 weeks
Get up and running quickly - with a preconfigured, fixed-scope edition of our SAP Mobility solution. This rapid deployment solution streamlines the implementation process, bringing together software, best practices and services.