Marketing Solutions

Grow your business with our tailor-made marketing solutions

Britehouse Automotive provides bespoke marketing solutions to help businesses in the automotive industry reach new heights. As a Google Partner and a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), we offer carefully considered marketing services supported by accurate and transparent reporting, with a focus on cost per conversion, for clear and demonstrable ROI.

​Some of our media partners include:

Call centre services
Our call centre facility, powered by world-class technology, provides automotive businesses a variety of services in this regard, including:

Advertisement response handling
Advertisement response handling provides an outsourced facility for additional call centre capacity for responding to online queries.

Lead management
Britehouse will follow up during the stages of the lead process in the absence of a lead management system to help you ensure that no sales opportunities are lost.

Lost customer indexing
This process extracts insights from surveys of customers who have recently bought products and from those who expressed interest in your products, but did not complete the purchase.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Post-transaction surveys reveal customer concerns, highlighting trends and early warning signs for matters that require attention.

Automated marketing
Our marketing automation platform allows your business to communicate effectively with your customers and prospects by sending relevant information based on user behaviour.

Direct Marketing
Our SMS tool allows you to create engaging mobile messages and send them to your customers in minutes, with short codes to allow them to engage quickly and easily.​​

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers central to the Automotive 30 year journey

IP owned

Full control over enhancements, strategy and direction of software

Local & dedicated support

Local South African support aligned to customer needs

Managed services

Cloud hosting & integration services centrally managed ​