Analytics, BI and Data Visualisation

Enable business insights through data visualisation

Market-leading technologies and a wealth of user experience skills allow us to empower our clients with analytics, BI and data visualisation solutions focused on the end user.​


How it works:

Data Science requires skills from multiple disciplines, including statisticians, mathematicians, data engineers, business sciences and technology experts.

Through this blend of skills and expertise, we provide a holistic approach to data science, which would not be possible were it to be managed by any single individual or discipline. Transform your business operations using the Internet of Things (IoT), real-time data streaming and advanced analytics.​

Lead the way when you partner with Britehouse

Our full life cycle services that we provide put information at the user’s fingertips. It’s easier to access in ways that are relevant to your role. Whether it’s a desktop or mobile interface or embedded in a digital solution or enterprise application, our experience in delivering invaluable insights shines through.

BI and data visualisation services
Employ self-service data discovery and advanced visualisation to unlock a trove of insights.

Advanced analytics (Data Science)
Data Science combines a set of disciplines in a way that allows for collaboration and a holistic view of different data components to inform and arrive at a superior business outcome.

We address emerging technologies and advanced analytics components, taking our customers from descriptive analytics (what happened?) to prescriptiv​e analytics (What should I do).

The SoftSigma ​SAP Analytics Cloud Package 

This provides accuracy and on-time document capture indicators to understand the deviations occurring at specified points in the supply chain. These indicators enable you to understand the occurrence of inaccuracies and overdue activities, enabling the design and implementation of well-focused corrective actions improving downstream process flow.

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