Data Platforms

We bring data together on powerful and scalable platforms.​


How it works:

Integrating your data streams open up a world of insights. You need a capable platform that can bring it all together for a simple, efficient and scalable data management solution.​

Drawing from our extensive real-world experience, we can equip you with a platform to ingest and store any type of data and perform complex data transformation and analytics. Reports, dashboards and embedded web and mobile applications put the information your business needs at their fingertips.​​

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Digital maturity assessment
Evaluate your progress in the digital transformation journey.

Digital innovation workshop
Discover and explore ways for your business to capitalise on innovations in technology.

Big data platforms
Cost-effective and easily scalable solutions that cater for a wide range of data sources.

IoT and analytics platforms
Cross-industry experience in building secure, cloud-based IoT and analytics platforms.

Data platform modernisation
Fast Start approaches allow you to test and prove the value of modernising your data platforms.​​

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Client centric

We will be your trusted advisor at every touch point of your digital journey

Global presence, local footprint

We're a proudly South African company

Tier one partners

Our close collaboration with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP allows us to leverage the latest technologies

Industry l​eader

We provide a range of managed applications and cloud services​