Mobile Application Development and Management

Custom mobile solutions to improve your business' processes and client engagements.

Tailored mobile applications that enable your business to execute on digital strategy, improve your business' processes and engage customers effectively. ​


How it works:

We accelerate time to market with Atajo, our development and integration platform that allows us to seamlessly build, deploy and iterate mobile applications for enterprise-scale deployments. Easily integrate your applications into back-end systems such as SAP and Salesforce for a business-wide solution.

Secure mobile devices and applications while leveraging detailed reporting and enable on and offline transactions in real-time. Britehouse also offers seamless integrations, continued operations support and end-to-end solution management. ​

Lead the way when you partner with Britehouse

Atajo is a multi-purpose development platform used to develop and deliver smart mobile solutions to global organisations. ​The platform’s advanced technology allows us to build and develop signature mobile solutions and applications for our clients. These solutions can then be deployed to any smart device.

Atajo is vendor and technology agnostic which makes it the perfect platform for tight integration with your current business systems. Atajo improves operational productivity and gives you the ability to expedite time-consuming processes and functions on and offline, thus providing you with the flexibility you need to run your business at the speed of now.

With the right tools, support and mobile platforms you can improve your employee productivity, increase organisational efficiency and enhance customer service. Your mobile enterprise applications can give you the competitive edge you need to do exactly that.​​​

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Our close collaboration with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP allows us to leverage the latest technologies

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