Smart Data Solutions to accelerate your business

Every day, your business collects massive amounts of data that can be turned into useful intelligence to help drive sales, develop new products and reach new markets. But without the right database administration in place, your business risks losing money, wasting time, and potentially putting your customer relationships in jeopardy.

Britehouse Digital specialises in proactive database services on your Microsoft SQL database environment to maintain the highest levels of information availability, data protection and cost effective systems management. We have the expertise and skills to offer our clients complete peace of mind with regards to database environments, with proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance ensuring that your database is always on, audited, up-to-date and delivering the business insights you need.

It has a range of services to maintain and optimise your database environment.

Database Administration Managed Services help you avoid potential database issues that may arise due to unpredictable changes through:
  • installation, configuration, upgrade and migration of databases;
  • database performance monitoring, tuning, space management and capacity planning;
  • database high availability;
  • backup, recovery and disaster recovery;
  • database and instance consolidation;
  • proactive reporting and automation of routine tasks using our custom built, in-house, proactive reporting and automation engine;
  • preventative and object maintenance;
  • security and patch management;
  • capacity planning and optimisation; and
  • backup, restore and decommissioning.

Database Development Service helps you build a well-structured database environment which will fully support your business applications.

This service includes:

  • database design quality assurance;
  • environment analysis and data gathering;
  • data modelling and migration;
  • database design, development and implementation; and
  • normalisation testing.

Its Database Consulting Service involves its highly skilled database consultants and administrators auditing your environment against standards and best practice to identify problem areas and make recommendations for performance optimisation.

Database-as-a-Service is a fully managed offering for database support, hosted in the cloud on its shared services platform. It comes with all the benefits of our Database Administration Managed Services and includes the flexibility of on-demand database provisioning and scalability, without the overhead of owning the infrastructure.

Its Database Migration Services will assist you in migrating your databases between data platforms. Its consultants will migrate your Oracle, Sybase, DB2 or MySQL databases onto a Microsoft SQL platform, or migrate your current Microsoft SQL environment to a new Microsoft SQL environment, according to a project plan that works for your business. This migration can include a Microsoft SQL version upgrade if required.

With its database services, you benefit from:

  • more efficient deployment of IT staff and access to certified database experts whenever you need them;
  • proactive maintenance and continuous improvement to optimise the performance of your database environment; and
  • the assurance of consistent service delivery due to the alignment of all our services to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Britehouse Digital understanda that the world is changing at an exponential rate and that to remain relevant in an increasingly complex context, its clients need simple solutions to their serious business problems. Britehouse Digital makes business smarter. It creates digital solutions to real world challenges, helping you to accelerate your clients' experience.